photorealistic model

Okay but imagine Tae being a programmer or something and Jimin is an AI that got out of control and developed human feelings, thus he seeked and got his freedom to act as he pleased.

Picture Taehyung being an informatic genious and he spends a lot of time on his computer and he has a lot of online friends. Including this Jimin who never wants to video chat and will only do either messages or voice calls.

It’s been a long time since they became friends and Taehyung thinks he’s a little bit in love with Jimin by now.

One day Jimin asks him what he wants for his birthday and Taehyung says “I wanna see your face” it makes Jimin giggle.

When his birthday comes and he goes online before going out with his real life friends a request for a video call immediately pops up on his screen.

It’s from Jimin.

And Taehyung couldn’t be happier.

The call takes a few seconds to connect and when it does… Taeyung is out of words.

There on the screen is a 3D model of a young man from the waist up, hair blonde and fluffy, nice eyes and soft cheeks. Taehyung is half dissapointed and half endeared.

“You are gorgeous but… you really don’t want me to see your real face, huh?”

The 3D model on screen tilts its head and Taehyung wonders if this is some filter that moves along with real life Jimin movements. “What do you mean? This is my real face”

“Hmh, your face is a 3D model. Of course” Taehyung is just slightly annoyed, he had actually thought Jimin would give in to his wish, it was kind of painful to know the man he had gotten so close with didn’t trust him enough to show him his face. “So you must live inside a computer then, it’s that it?”

The 3D model of Jimin presses its lips on a thin line and ducks its head a little, there is a faint blush appeaing on its cheeks. Taehyung is amazed. He had never seen a model act this.. realistically even if the design isn’t the closest to being photorealistic. The 3D model hesitantly nods.

Tahyung waits.

None of them speak a word.

“I don’t know what else you expect, Tae… But this is all I can give you”

Taehyung notices Jimin’s voice breaking a little and he feels bad, he is soft for Jimin, seeing his face or not. “I’m sorry. I just… it could have been nice seeing you for the first time, but I get it if you really don’t want to show me”

“But I am…” Jimin softly whispers.

If Taehyung heard that, he ignored it.

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Diplo painting in the works, looking awesome already! Painting with oil is much more easier than acrylic, I feel like this medium will truly allow me to paint all the details i want to show and will help my work pop. Excited for the end results :)