photorealistic model

Diplo painting in the works, looking awesome already! Painting with oil is much more easier than acrylic, I feel like this medium will truly allow me to paint all the details i want to show and will help my work pop. Excited for the end results :)

| Extended Project: Secondary Research - Technical Research |

This post is about Maya. This is a 3D software that is used to create models and animation for many different industries. This program is the industry standard for many of these industries. For example, the game industry. This program is used in the game industry to create models and cutscenes for games.  

The picture above is an image of Soldier:76 from Overwatch, this character was created using Maya by the 3D artist at Blizzard. As you can see from the model this is a highly detailed model with a high ploy count, a high ploy count means that the models has a huge amount of faces, edges and vertices. The picture below is an example of what a high ploy count model looks like. High ploy count is the method most big games companies use, with this method they are able to make photorealistic models. Modelling into high ploy can be difficult because you have to start with a low ploy model and then sculpting on top of it a key aspect to remember is to  “model the main shapes first and making loops that define the flow of the shapes” (Warlord, 2017).  This is very key information in modelling character and information that will help me in this extended project.         

After looking across the internet for information about 3D modelling, I decided to take a different approach to finding relevant information into my discipline. I was able to find this book Game Art Complete (Gahan, 2009). This book was a great help to me, I was able to find a massive amount of key information relating to helping me 3D model.        

The picture below is an extracted from Game Art Complete, this page has possibly been one of the most helpful pages I have found while researching into Maya. This page showed me how to use the duplicate special tool in maya. This tool allows the user to delete half of his/her model to work on one side of, while Maya copies your action with the other side of the model. Also this page shows how to wield the edges together, so while working the model will look like a whole model and not two halves.  I can already tell these’ tools are going to be extremely helpful when constructing all the models for our game.

Here is an example of my work from a previous project, as you can see this model is in a high ploy style and not in low ploy. We thought when creating it that having a smoother character would better be more suitable for our target audience. Though we wasn’t able to complete this game in the project, I was able to gain vital experience in Maya that would only be beneficial in this extended project. 

High poly characters are common place in the game industry, but another style that is also present is low poly characters. This style of character design is a lot more niche than realistic high poly characters but if used correctly can be just as immersive. The low poly style is made up of using shapes and sharper edges to create interest looking model that look more simple than there high poly counterparts. Most developers that use a low poly style for their games,  as a creative choice. Favoring narrative, level design and game mechanics over realistic character models.               

For the game we will be making in this project we have decided to make the game in this low poly style. We have done this because of all the advantage creating a game in this style beholds. An advantage would be that we can complete more of the game, because we have only six mon to think up, develop and then create this game, we opted to go for this style to complete more of the levels we planned. Another advantage of making our game in this style is that we wont have to detail the models as much as if we was making them in high poly, this will increase production speed and complete more of the game in the process.   

This picture below is an example of low poly, as you can see there isn’t to much detail, using shapes and sharp edges to create a interesting looking style, A style we hope to imitate.   

To conclude, this blog post has been my research into the technical side of Maya and what I will need to do to create great looking assets for our game in this project.