‘The Shadow (Pink freud and the Pleasant Horizon)’ by Andre Von Morisse

Defined by a unique creative process, the hyper-real compositions of Andre Von Morisse reinvent traditional boundaries between painting and photography. Often using paintings as the starting point for an elaborate photographic process, Von Morisse is influenced by everything from Manet and pop culture to retro futurism and sci-fi landscapes. This surreal image is from a series entitled Pink Freud and the Pleasant Horizon, which consists of six photographs of paintings the artist first executed in black and white.


Things that remain

As a counterpoint to the Gone series, here are a few views that still exist, in defiance of change and progress. The view of Pine and Third in Persistance is substantially the same as it was in 1975 when I took the source photo, though the fashions and cars are long gone. The Million Article Thompson sign incredibly still remains, having survived earthquakes, rebellions and neglect. Liquor stores never go out of business, so the one in Rollin’ Down Pico remains, though changed somewhat. And wheel skates are making a comeback. The Aztec Hotel building in Twilight of Empires still graces Route 66 in Monrovia. Lee’s Market remains on Atlantic Ave. in East LA, safe from gentrification, at least for now. Silvers is another undying liquor store in Long Beach, with fewer windows and no Schlitz, but basically unchanged.

I am always struck by the randomness of what pieces of the past persist, seemingly without logic. They are a solace as we mourn what has been lost to progress.


Haven’t been keeping up with tumblr lately. :\ Questioning whether or not it’s worth maintaining this blog. In the mean time here’s a compilation of work in progress renders from my MICA revamp project. End goal is to produce a set of high quality stills and a 2-ish minute motion piece showcasing the design.

Tools used, for the curious: Solidworks, Rhino3D, Cinema4D, Blender, Octane Render, PS, AI

Anatomy of a Painting

My painting Blue Door involved a lot more retouching of the source image than most of my work. I saw this house (above) while driving to the Torrance Art Museum. What struck me were the geometric forms of the house and the landscaping. Returning to the spot weeks later, I realized that the image I had in my mind was not quite the same as what existed in reality. So I began the process of transforming the photo into what I wanted to paint.

Step one. I cropped the photo to fit the 14 x 18 proportion of my Home is Where the House Is series. I didn’t want to include the neighboring houses, so those were replaced by cypress trees, lopped off. The source for these was my painting, Undercover.

Step Two. Then I began cleaning up the house. One subtle change was straightening the porch light. And the office chair on the front porch had to go. I experimented with making the vent over the window square, but ultimately rejected that idea.

Continuing the rectilinear scheme, I got rid of the mailbox, and reduced the cactus to a single vertical spire. I also straightened the roofline on the right.

Step Three. Adding more rectilinear shubbery, one cut and pasted, the other based on shrubs from my Conway House painting. I also did some hedge trimming. The other houses in this series have sidewalks and curbs, so I added those.

Step Four. The blue door. I recolored the door blue for a color accent, and took the paint off the roof tiles over the porch. I also did a slight tweak to the stucco color.

Step Five. Paint the thing.

Even with all that work composing, I made a few more changes on the canvas. I added a little peep hole to the door, mowed the lawn, made the house numbers and the mail slot black, and added some trash in the gutter. I also handled the red fencess a little differently, and the sky as well.

I made this piece last night after a really hard day. Even though I am in the US, I know we all have been affected. I just want to say to everyone – in the states or otherwise – if you ever need to talk, if you ever need someone to vent to, or just a new friend… I’m here. It’s important to support one another in times like this. It will be okay, we will be okay, in unity we will be okay 💗