Some info for the fandom about Booshlr Art Club 2.0 aka Brushes and Bagels.

Hiya peeps. Starting from Feb 1st I will be hosting a monthly art prompt over on @booshlrsarebrilliant and I am inviting you all to take part.  ✎ ✏ 

Basically I will post a prompt and then you my lovelies can do with it whatever you darn well please. x

Now initially we were thinking just art, but actually I’d like for you to do anything at all - art, fic, poetry, craft. Heck if you can bake cakes that represent Howard’s inner buzzard or can clip a hedge to look like Arnold 5 then your work will be welcomed. Cosplayers, roleplayers, photoplayers, horseplayers, playwrights, playlisters, claymodellers, superstitchers. And what about you musicians, you singers and dancers? 

And don’t just think Boosh. Think LuxCom, think Sweet, think Garth and Barley, think Aaaaaaaah!, think Buzzcocks, think Bauer and Rosey. Think Naboo and Smooth, think Bollo and Dolly, think Hitcher, think Greg, think Sandy and Andy. 

If you can create then please partake. x

Now I am aware that some of you are involved with the wonderful NoelFieldingsArtClub on twitter [x]. I also know there was a previous Boosh Art Club and that there’s fantastic blogs like @derangedficrecs and @booshcrafts that support your creativity and that already do prompts and things.  This certainly isn’t in competition with any of them, it’s just about having a bit of extra arty fun over in this corner. If anything it’s me being indulgent. I am always keen to see what you can do, and I believe that @concupiscence66/Connie feels the very same. That’s why we thought we’d do the random cues - it makes a bit of a game of it - it keeps it loose and jazzy fresh.

And if like me you aren’t particularly arty or crafty you can still get involved with helping me come up with the prompts. And I will need help! Message them to me here or at @booshlrsarebrilliant and I’ll queue them up. The prompts can be anything - a quote, a word, a scenario, a lyric. They can be specific to a character, to any related show/film, or they can be totally general like ‘puddle’ or ‘a walk in the park’. Anything really. I only request you keep the prompt clean so it can be all inclusive. If our creators want to take it into NC-17 territory then of course they can, but I’d like the initial prompt to be PG. Of course a little suggestion, a little nod and wink is fine ;). 

I’ll sign off now with one final snippet of info - the tag. I will post the prompt and all subsequent reblogs/submissions with the tag #brushes and bagels. Can I please ask you all to tag your contributions the same so that I can find them easily. I will set up a tag-tracker now for #brushes and bagels so that I get notifications when you post. Alternatively you can submit to me. 

Right essay over. Let’s have ourselves some safe arty fun. Xx

(Oh and P.S. any signal boosting of this would be greatly appreciated)