2.12.16// late study at the Philological library. I got at the Staatsbibliothek a fancy plastic bag to carry books inside so that I can have them all with me. I have my referat on Max Frisch in two days and I’m arranging the all presentation with a Kollegin. Hope we work together!



Clear skies, shallow waters and calm sea. I could almost hear the humming of the seagulls as I walk towards the boat going through the enticing island of Boracay. Yes, it was October 15 of this year when we went there for our 3-day Regional Mid Year Convention exclusive for the members of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Region VI (I know right, these photos have been so diagnosed of plenty diseases because of being stubborn and an-old-file, stocked on my gallery. Good thing it wasn’t caught by any molds before it died *insert loud laugh). Anyway, attending such convention give us a lot of expectations and adrenaline rush more especially because it was held on one of the fascinating island here in our country. Much to our dismay, it turned out to be a bad dream, yes, a worst reality perhaps. We were put in the perils of wilderness which was not part of our expectations, then we stayed in an uncomfortable hotel and a lot of nightmares followed. But despite of it, we still able to conquer the great seas of challenges. Our school excel in different categories we participated, and oops I even joined a modeling competition and we won as 2nd place (but hey, that was just few to tell, we really got a lot of awards that time). Well, that incident taught me a lesson that troubles always come in an uncertain time that is why we always need to be prepared.

Our experiences during our convention do not only revolve on bad things, it also include good times (not just include, I guess it was still dominated by good times) which I could say in one way or another, helped us ease from thinking that we have spent our parents’ money to nothing. We enjoyed unwinding our minds with the relaxing panoramic view of Puka Beach, our birthday surprise for our dear friend was even a success, it was also my first time to party until 4am at Epic Club (this one is on top my list when you will ask me how did we enjoy our trip) and most especially mingling with people you used to know and getting to know more about their personality into another dimension.

Indeed, everything may have started from topsy-turby and a real nightmare but in the end happiness and joy will always depend whether you will unleash those beautiful adjectives from within or not. This may not constitute all the days of my experiences there but I am telling you it was a blast, a very colorful blast.

Galaxies in Pegasus
Image Credit & Copyright: Péter Feltóti

This wide, sharp telescopic view reveals galaxies scattered beyond the stars of the Milky Way at the northern boundary of the high-flying constellation Pegasus. Prominent at the upper right is NGC 7331. A mere 50 million light-years away, the large spiral is one of the brighter galaxies not included in Charles Messier’s famous 18th century catalog. The disturbed looking group of galaxies at the lower left is well-known as Stephan’s Quintet. About 300 million light-years distant, the quintet dramatically illustrates a multiple galaxy collision, its powerful, ongoing interactions posed for a brief cosmic snapshot. On the sky, the quintet and NGC 7331 are separated by about half a degree.

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