photonic impressions

First Impressions - Part 2

            This was a long one, but I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

            Little Dame had been searching around for her first class for a while. She was starting to get worried because her class was about to start soon and she couldn’t find the right building. Luckily, about five minutes before her class is about to start, she found the art building and made a mad dash for it. Zooming down the halls, up the stairs, and around a corner; she had made it to the classroom with two minutes to spare. However, there was nopony in the room, not even the teacher.

            Did I came too early? she thought, nervously walking out of the classroom to look for somepony. About three rooms down the hall, she found a stallion doing paperwork at his desk. The stallion looked like he was in his early thirties with an olive coat and golden-brown mane. The mane on his head had started to bald-out a little, giving him a slightly more noticeable forehead. His body seemed kind of round from where Damie was standing at, the neck slightly merging into the body with not too much of defining lines. From what Damie could see, he wore a dark gray, long sleeve business shirt with silver buttons going down the middle.

            “Um… Excuse me. Can you help me?” she asked cautiously, nervous of running into another pony who would have the same attitude as Officer Ivy.

            The stallion looked up from his paperwork and his light blue eyes scanned her. “Newcomer, I presume?” His voice had a certain accent that she couldn’t tell where she have heard from.

            “Yes,” she answered.

            He smiled and asked, “How may I help you?”

            Sensing not one bit of hostility in him, she relaxed and explained, “My name is Little Dame and I was wondering if Miss Cherrybomb’s Art Appreciation class was cancelled for today.”

            He chuckled and said, “More like cancelled for the semester. Miss Cherrybomb is away on an art, photography, and fashion tour. She won’t be back until the spring semester. Sorry, miss.”

            “Oh,” she said, sounding relieved that she wasn’t too early, but disappointed that her first class is cancelled for the semester. “Well, thank you for your help.”

            “No problem,” he said, looking back down at his paperwork. “Oh, and don’t be late for my class. You got three hours until it starts.”

            “I won’t,” she said, walking out of his classroom. As she was heading out of the building, she thought, Well, that changes things a lot. Now I have more time to myself on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I guess I should use this time to find out where my other classes are for today and tomorrow.

            Once outside, she pulled out her schedule and started heading to next class after the one she just left. For about an hour, she searched building after building for her classes. With two more hours until her first official class starts, she went to the campus store and bought a sketchbook, pencils, and erasers.

            As she walked, she noticed a large area with tables and chairs near the center of campus. This must be a quad, she thought, finding her a perfect spot with nice shading and a great view of the nearby lake. I’ve seen these on movies, but never thought I would be in a college that has one. This day just keeps getting more and more interesting.

            Just before Little Dame got comfortable, a green pegasus walks up to her and said, “Hello, Little Dame. How are you?” The stallion had long, emerald green man and tail that spiked out in different directions. His wings had an emerald outline near the bones while his feathers matched his coat. He wore a blue vest that matched his goggles, a caramel scarf, black wristband, and indigo jeans. His light blue eyes stared down at her as he greeted her with a friendly smile.

            “May I ask who are you?” she asked, narrowing her eyes. “More importantly, how do you know who I am? I’ve never met you before.”

            “I know you because my friend follows your dad’s blog,” he answered. “I saw of an image of you and quickly recognized who you were.”

            She muttered to herself about her dad posting images of her for strangers to see. Suddenly, she looked at him and asked harshly, “Are you a pervert? Most of the time, whenever a pony looks at my dad’s blog, they turn out to be perverts.”

            “Well…” he scratched the back of his head. “I do admit to being a little bit of a pervert.”

            “I knew it!” she shouted, her eyes taking on a slightly blue hue. “Begone, pervert! I speakith not to the likes of thou’s kind!”

            “Relax,” he said, sighing. “I’m not here for that. I just wanna get to know the friend of my friend’s daughter. Nothing more, nothing less. I promise.” Near the end of his statement, he held up his left hoof while crossing his heart with the right.

            She glared at him for a little while before her expression softened a little. Her eyes returned to their normal glowing hue as she shouted, “Fine! But, I’m still keeping an eye on you. Try anything and I’ll end you.”

            “Whatever,” he said, rolling his eyes as he takes a seat across from her. “So, tell me a little about yourself.”

            Her eyes widened a little, shocked by his statement. “Oh? Y-you actually want to know more about me? Um… I guess I can tell you that I like to draw, paint, and sculpt things.”

            “Ah. An artist,” he said, smiling. “My friend is kind of an artist, too. Well, he’s actually just artistic. Though, he’s got a keen eye for artistic talent.”

            Her ears twitched a little as she actually smiled. “He’s an artistic pony? Really? What type of art does he do more of? When did he started doing art? How good is he?” She kept asking more and more art-related questions with most of her words joining together at some points.

            “Calm down there,” he said, making a ‘settle down’ gesture with his hooves. “He dabbles a little with music, but his passion is more of Voice Acting. He’s still trying to perfect his craft, but he’s pretty good.”

            Damie stops and looks slightly down. “Oh. He’s that type of artistic pony.” She looks at Photon with a slightly annoyed expression. “You should have been more specific to begin with. You had my hopes up.”

            “Well, you didn’t ask what type of artistic pony he is.”

            Damie was about to argue with him when she realized he was right. Instead, she settled for a “Well, don’t mention other type of artistic ponies unless they’re painters or sculptors. I do like all forms of art, but I would rather not talk about the other ones.”

            “Alright. Sorry,” he apologized.

            “So, was you just interested in disappointing me or is there something else you wish to know more about?” she asked.

            “Well again, you can start from anywhere,” he said. “If I’m to get to know you, then I’d like to know as much as I can.”

            Damie narrowed her eyes to his statement. “First, you need to tell me about you. So far, all I’ve heard from your mouth is something about your friend. Yeah, I paid attention.”

           “I can tell you I’m a mercenary, though my services are only limited to against bad guys. I guess you can call me a reckless rogue,” he said, smirking slightly.

            Her eyes widen a little as she became intrigued. “A mercenary? If you kill ponies for a living, how did they let you apply for college. Shouldn’t this campus have background checks to make sure their students are safe from potential threats?”

            “Being hired by Princess Celestia has it’s perks. But that’s a secret, okay? I’m not supposed to be spilling out my profession like this,” he said, looking around to see if anypony was listening. Luckily for him, there was hardly any pony near their table.

            “I didn’t ask for you profession in the first place,” she said, a smug look on her face. “I asked about you in general. Your likes, dislikes, etc.”

            “You didn’t ask for anything specific,” he said, sighing. “Whatever… I do enjoy combat, as well as laying down and watching the bright blue sky.” He looked up at the sky and smiled. “Really does help you relax sometimes.”

            She looks up at the sky and smiled. “Yeah. It is kind of relaxing to watch the clouds slowly move by. It’s also fun to imagine different shapes out of certain clouds; it helps with an artist’s creativity.”

            “Huh. Ya know, I never thought of it that way,” he said, looking back down to her.

            She looked at him and smiled a little. “I guess I just taught you a lesson, even though I’m not a teacher.” She giggled at her little joke. He chuckled with her for a little while. “You know, I might have been wrong about you,” she admitted, blushing a little. “Maybe I should be more open to some ponies and get to know them before I judge them.”

            “And the student has now become the teacher,” he joked, winking at her with a grin.

            “Shut up,” she laughed, playfully punching his arm. Sadly, she used more strength than intended and accidentally punched him very hard.

            “Damn,” he said, smiling. “That’s some strength you got there.”

            She gasped. “I’m sorry. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She was checking his arm to see if she broke anything.

            “Nah. It stung a little, but I’m alright. I’ve taken far worse blows so much, my body’s built up some pain tolerance over time,” he boasted.

            She sighed in relief. “Thank goodness… The last time I punched somepony like that their arm was completely broken.” She did one last check and asked, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

            “Of course,” he said, reassuring her. “Even if you did break something, I can recover on the spot via healing factor, so long as I’m not taking consistent damage.”

            “Oh. Okay.” she said. “Hey, don’t you have to go to your first class?”

            “Oh shit! You’re right!” he exclaimed, getting up “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

            “Yeah,” she said. “See you–Wait! You never told me your name!”

            He look at he and said, “Photon Stream, but just call me Photon.”

            “Okay. See you around, Photon,” she said.

            “Same to you. Later!” He spread his wings and took flight, zooming off to class.

           She watched him fly away before turning her attention to her sketchbook. She was about to start drawing when a mare walks by and sits across from her, carrying bags of art supplies and 3 painted canvases. “Pardon, any pony else sitting here? I need to rest for a bit.”

            Little Dame looked at the mare and unintentionally took her features in. She had long, wavy mane and tail that were a very dark shade of purple at the roots and light blue the rest of way. A heart shaped birthmark sat between her silver eyes, adding a bit of cuteness to her white coated face. If Damie were to stand up, she would guess the mare is about 5'3"-to- 5'4" tall. The mare was kind of on the heavy side, but her round butt and C-or-D cup breasts made her look a little attractive. She wore gold earrings, blue tinted glasses, a reddish-pink shirt with a yellow star at the center, and blue jeans that fitted her. After a while of staring, Little Dame finally answered, “No. Go ahead and sit down.”

            The mare smiled and put all of her things down and say as well. “Thanks. My professors are killing me with all the stuff they want us to have and all the projects they give me. But then again its college, they don’t give a shit. Oh sorry I’m rambling, you must be new, I’m Koneko.” She put out her hand for Little Dame to shake.

            Little Dame shook Koneko’s hand, briefly noticing how soft it was. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Little Dame.” She noticed the art supplies and her face lit up. “You’re an artist?”

           Koneko giggled. “Sure am. I kinda have several art majors, it’s crazy but fun. I’m in ceramics, graphic design, animation, traditional media like painting and drawing, and that’s just art. I’m in some mucic programs too. It’s a doozy, but super fun and gives me options after college.”

            “Wow. I’m impressed,” Little Dame said. “I though I was a hard worker, but you take the cake.” To save herself from possibly offending Koneko, she quickly added, “No pun intended…”

            “Don’t worry about offending me. I get insulted daily so it doesn’t bother me as much…” Koneko’s ears flattened and she averted her eyes a little, seeming a little hurt. She pulled out a sketch book to doodle in.

            Damie noticed the hint of sadness in Koneko’s voice. “I’m sorry to hear that,” she said, her ears flattening too. They were quiet for a while. Damie felt like she might have said the wrong words and hurt Koneko’s feelings. She watched Koneko doodle a little, before her eyes wandered toward her breasts. They were huge compared to hers. Damie always ate healthy and drank a lot of milk, but all she could manage were B-cups. She felt a hint of envy toward Koneko.

            Koneko caught her stares and smiled, snickering a little. “Stare any long and you may burn 2 holes straight through my girls Dame. You don’t mind me calling you that, do you?” She asked, she felt a little better now with the subject changed.

            Little Dame shot right up to look at her as her face turned red. “I-I wasn’t staring at your b-breasts! I was watching you doodle.” She cleared her throat and said, “And, to answer you question, I don’t mind you calling me Damie.”

            Koneko giggled lightly and smiled at her, seeming amused. “Really Damie, cause your face says otherwise. Why not share with the class, we’re not judging you dear. ” She closed her sketch book.

            “What are implying?” Her face got redder as she felt her heart beat faster.

            “Just admit you were staring cause you’re jealous.” She shrugged. “They aren’t that great anyway, I wish I was smaller honestly. Less back pain and they won’t bounce that much when you run.”

            “Bounce…” Damie said, looking down at her breasts. She cleared her mind and admitted, “Okay, fine! I was staring. Is it wrong for mares to stare at other mares’s breasts?”

            "Depends on the reason. If you’re envious, meh okay. If you trying to guess the size, that also slides. But if you’re doing it like a creep cause you wanna bang the owner of them, that’s a no no. And i doubt you’re lesbian. “ Koneko rested her cheek on one hand and tilted her head at her.

            She felt a nerve pint at the side of her head. Damie couldn’t believe how casual Koneko was about this subject. Suddenly, Damie had an idea. “Who’s to say I’m not a lesbian? I’ve been sworn off males for so long that who’s to say I’ve lost interest in them?” She rested her cheek one hand and continued, “I could a mare who is confused on what she likes. But, I know for certain that I’m not a creep. I would rather know and understand the mare behind the breasts than focus on the breasts themselves.”

            Koneko giggled and booped the other mare. “I’m flattered dearie, really. As a pansexual mare, being attractive to all eyes makes me feel special. But 1, you’re not my type, and 2, I have a coltfriend. This mare and her breasts are off market. ” She sat back and watched Damie’s reaction.

            Damie sat there with a dumbfounded expressing. She soon snapped like a mare who had lost a game. “If you’re not interested in me, then why the flip did you toy with me? That’s just… And made me… Urrgghh!”

            “I wasn’t toying with you. I just asked if you were staring at my damn chest. You need to relax. I’m sorry that I "toyed” with you. My bad…“  Koneko held her hands up in defense, she was being completely honest with her. "I’ll be going. I gotta get to to my traditional media class any way.” She started picking up her things.

            “W-wait,” Damie said, reaching for Koneko’s hand. “I… I’m sorry for how I acted. I’m still upset by this crazy police mare. Can you… Can you forgive me?”

            Koneko looked at her and smiled softly. “Yeah. Sure. But seriously, I’m gotta go. My class I halfway across the campus and I need a good hour to get their. Don’t you have this class too? I noticed it on your schedule.”

            “Not for another while,” Damie answered. She stopped for a moment before asking, “How you know what’s on my schedule?”

            “It’s in the see through slip of your notebook. Everyone can see it. Well I need to head off. See you around Damie.” Koneko waved as she walked off to her class and disappeared in a of students. But she forgot her one sketchbook on the table.

            “Huh… That does makes sense,” Damie mumbled, gathering her stuff. When she reached for the second sketchbook, she realized it was Koneko’s. She forgot her sketchbook, Damie thought, picking it up. She looked around, but couldn’t see her. She’s going to be so worried… She looked at the sketchbook and felt a little curious. What was she doodling? she thought slowly opening the book.

            The most recently drawn on page had a fully detailed doodle of Little Dame with notes by it: Cute, innocent, slightly snobby…probably unintentionally, sweet, new friend????, bi???, all around nice mare. Besides the one page, the sketch book was full of sketches and of scenery and other ponies. Some cartoonish, others more realistic. Some pages had repeated doodles of a really attractive kirin/dragon pony guy with glasses.

            “Wha…” Damie was speechless. In the short time they met, Koneko was kind enough to draw her. On top of that, she added notes to describe her. Damie started to feel bad looking in the book. Those were Koneko’s thoughts and ideas about her. She had no right look in it. A part of her was thinking of leaving it so Koneko could mind it, but she worried somepony would try to keep it to themselves. Being the good friend she know she could be, she took and put the book in her purse so she could give it to Koneko the next time they meet.



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