photon ii

submitted by Mateo

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Trying to stay light and compact- I also carry an iPhone 6s Plus, but I used it to take the picture! Highly recommend the card holder- very functional and lots of compliments!

Submitted by David FUlmer

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The Maxpedition, S-Biner Keyrack and Ipad Mini 3 go into my messenger bag or knapsack. The rest goes in my pockets. I usually only have the Parabellum case, as I always have one or the other pair of glasses on. I have included one very important item that I almost never see in the carries here. My Kent FOT Comb.


Photon II IR:

The Photon is a very popular light, its compact, it works reliably, its simple and has very few parts to make it go wrong. So when I saw the IR version while making some orders the other day, I knew it would make sense to grab one and try it.

What can you say, when you need IR light that simply illuminates like a white LED does. It really does exceed. The NVG on its own was fine, dont get me wrong its a nice unit, its just that it needs a little boost now and then. Throw the Photon II IR into the mix and the whole illumination situation gets clarity. For such a compact unit, with long battery life and no other visible signs of life from the unit to the human eye other than a very faint red glow at the back of the LED when viewed face on.

If you like the Photon you will without doubt love the IR version. The price is not cheap, I know that, so I’ll look at getting some more on the next order if people want them. As a means of improving NVG for a distance that really does surprise you, its a must have and one that has made my EDC kit. For signalling rescue, its a must have, Search and Rescue should have these, survival kits or on your vest at all times.

If you want them to be stocked, let me know


Next batch!

Touya @apolleh - Galactic Cataclysm with Ultra Diamond Candela III
Christie @kingddd17 - Rising Blade with Titanium Sword II 

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Once again, thank you for your patience!! I think I’ll post when I have 2 or 3 done, rather than on a weekly basis because it’s just easier to work with. Again if there’s something relatively minor I’ve messed up on, please let me know and I’ll fix it up!