Superstudio 50

Superstudio, one of the most influential groups in Italian radical architecture celebrates 50 years with an exhibition at MAXXI: with more than 200 pieces of graphics, objects, photographs, installations and publications. If you have the opportunity to visit Rome the next months or you live near there, don’t miss it!, it will be open until 4, September 2016.

“Superstudio 50” presents, among other works, the most important drawings, photomontages and installations from The Continuous Monument series (1969), the Architectural Histograms (1969-70) and The Twelve Ideal Cities (1971), projects though which the group demonstrated the possibilities and the limits of architecture understood as instrument of a critique of society.  

This is an exhibition conceived by Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia,  and Gian Piero Frassinelli, founders of Superstudio, together with the curator Gabriele Mastrigli.

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Just as for my posts “levi in a movie” I changed some parts of the original picture (here) with photoshop but for this time, the picture of Dane Dehaan does not come from a movie but from a magazine;  L'Uomo Vogue! ~ 

So for them, nothing complicated either, just “Levi in a magazine" (because there will be more part (•ˇ‿ˇ•))

Part 1 - (Melli)


The Art of Zdzisław Beksiński

Zdzisław Beksiński was a renowned Polish painter, photographer, and fantasy artist. He was born in the town of Sanok in southern Poland. After studying architecture in Cracow, he returned to Sanok in 1955. Subsequent to this education he spent several years as a construction site supervisor, a job he hated. At that time he became interested in artistic photography and photomontage, sculpture and painting. He was a very innovative artist, especially for one working in a Communist country. He made his sculptures of plaster, metal and wire.

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