Experiment One: Collage 

Collage is a very obvious tool to use under the “ways of seeing” category: you’re literally taking things out of their original context to twist it into a view you’ve made. I was inspired a lot by my Narratives of Modernity artist, John Heartfield, who used photomontages to completely recontextualise photos from mass media to change his audience’s way of seeing things. Before researching him, I’d never really considered using collage, so I guess he kinda changed my way of seeing too. 

 My challenge was to depict death/dying/mourning/etc. using images from magazines I’d picked up around campus: originally generally quite fun, upbeat, interesting magazines. Have I succeeded? I guess that depends on your way of seeing the theme (。-_-。) 

I’ll probably play around more with collage, but I think I want to keep it to pictures that I’ve unintentionally found - in newspapers or magazines that have already been published, rather than printing out pictures that could be more related to my topic from the internet, because it relates more to the theme of ways of seeing, of being able to see murder and death and nothingness (unintentionally?) in mass media.


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  1. ở một góc độ nào đấy, mọi người đều bình đẳng như nhau :v
  2. các lãnh đạo chính trị và tôn giáo đang tạo ra một thế giới như shit
  3. nghệ sỹ người Ý Christina Guggeri có kảh năng đối diện khủng bố khi tao ra những bức hình gây cảm xúc trái chiều

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