Lorraine O’Grady’s achievements cannot be overstated. Her feminism was intersectional before the word was commonly used. Her photoconceptualism tackled issues of race and representation before most institutions wanted anything to do with these ideas. And her career trajectory radically redefined the terms of artistic success; O’Grady didn’t make her first artwork (at least in a traditional sense) until the age of 45, after years as a practicing writer, translator, and public servant. O’Grady has made the exploration of hybridity and diaspora a central concern of all of her projects, marking in each an attempt to reconcile various aspects of her African and Jamaican heritage with her New England upbringing and late-life entry into the exclusive, white-male-dominated contemporary art world. Whether in performance or photomontage, the black woman’s body is shown as the terrain on which opposing forces do battle. One of her best-known and most critically satisfying works is Miscegenated Family Album, in which she traced two matrilineal legacies—of her sister and the Egyptian queen Nefertiti—in parallel through a series of sixteen photographic diptychs. Here, she pairs the sisters of each matriarch: herself, and Nefertiti’s sister Mutnedjmet. The juxtaposition and its claims regarding history and ancestry hardly need explanation. The longer you admire the two women, the more uncanny their similar poise and beauty begins to seem.

Lorraine O’Grady, 04. Sisters IV from Miscegenated Family Album, 1980/94


Today I wanted to see Levi in a movie╰(°ㅂ°)╯So I modify a part of these two images of Dane DeHaan (I love his face) ; here and here ~ I would like to make others caracters and animate it also but yeah mmmmmaybe one day

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Warsaw Uprising Transported Into Our Times

Scenes picturing a pizza deliveryman on a scooter chasing a patrolled by Lieut. Stanisław Jankowski “Agaton” along Chłodna Street and members of the Gustaw battalion watching today’s pedestrians walking across Dąbrowski Square are taken from the book, Teraz'44 (44 Now), a collection of collages juxtaposing Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and 21-century images. text via

Just as for my posts “levi in a movie” I changed some parts of the original picture (here) with photoshop but for this time, the picture of Dane Dehaan does not come from a movie but from a magazine;  L'Uomo Vogue! ~ 

So for them, nothing complicated either, just “Levi in a magazine" (because there will be more part (•ˇ‿ˇ•))

Part 1 - (Melli)