This used five photos, the original skater, several photos of the bird (Cassowary) and the explosion. I pieced them together using the selection tools, copy, paste, the eraser, and the clone stamp tool. I then took parts of it and use the burn and dodge tool to lighten and darken, and I also adjusted the saturation on layers so everything would match up a little better. I then duplicated my layers for the skater, flattened or merged them, and turn them black so I could use them as a layer set to overlay for the distorted shadow on the ground. Lastly I used low opacity layers of orange to make everything have the same color feel. I spent 3 hours on this, in between answering questions and other instructor duties.


The Lone Silhouette 

Nate Hill, an Australian artist has created a mystical photographic series called “Twisted Landscapes.” In his  mysterious series, two things remain constant, silhouette of a lone figure and the use of spherical element.

The photographer depicts the outline of a man who is miniature in size, when compared to the vastness of his surroundings.  Whether the figure is placed at the centre of what may seem like moss green mountains or swirls of lavenders, the man is always afar, facing the nature and its beauty.

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Future-Past Film Posters by Peter Stults

Peter Stults aka Stultsified creates vintage style movie posters for modern films recast with stars from bygone eras. Which is your favorite?

“The story is simple. Born & raised in Northern California. Higher Education in Film & Digital Media. Work in Social Media & Marketing. Recently settled in New York City. Have a passion for all things art & design related.”

More Stultsified: Tumblr | Twitter | Shop

Cross Connect is also starring in Facebook & Twitter

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Let’s Go to the Dark Side

Polish graphic designer, illustrator and set designer Igor Morski depicts thought-provoking issues with haunting illustrations so vivid and powerful that audiences’ eyes are bound to linger longer. Inspired by the harshness of the world we live in, the stitch of social fabric that binds us and limits us, the big shoes of expectations that society compels us to fill in, the artist’s works are a form of rebellion, challenging the status quo. And his passion critique of the world as we know it is translated in his works.

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Portraits by Antonio Mora

Spanish artist Antonio Mora a.k.a. mylovt  is an experienced Spanish creative who after an extensive career like designer and art director, finally ends in the art to give free rein to his inexhaustible fantasy, to his eager expressive needs.

My originality takes root in the merger, in finding combinations that leave in the palate of our conscience flavors of evocation and mystery. Images that open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only it is an instant the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams. 

Our archive is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see.

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I did this after watching the entire Agent Carter series. This is a what if, with Peggy in the role of Captain America( yeah, I know in the MCU she is English, therefore she would not be Captain AMERICA, but meh, have this thing anyway.)
Also, uplifting message because her entire show is based on this.


Illuminated Cities Of The World

Design Studio Retoka highlights renowned cities by shedding light on them, literally.

The graphic design studio portrays nocturnal side of Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai and Singapore in a way never seen before; the cities are represented through clusters of orange, red, yellow, blue, purple, green rays of light, all colliding to form surreal illustrations.

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