Thank you for the 1st place…
I still can’t figure out what is true and what is a dream. I’m so thankful to everyone who voted for me in this single day…
Until the end of the voting time, please support all of NGT48!!!
I’ll update tomorrow!!

Ogino Yuka Photolog / 2017.05.31


The stage😊
Thank you so much😊

I really do love
Cool songs😊😊😊😊😊😊

Senbatsu Sousenkyo Preliminary Results

Everyone ranking-in is really amazing!!!

Everyone’s ranking is really good

Everyone who ranked last year too, It’s really cool!

Yamada Noe
Is really frustrated
I want to convey my seriousness to everyone.

Good night
It’s time to sleep!

Good night💤

Yamada Noe Photolog / 2017.05.31

Today, the preliminary ranking was announced!!

From NGT48, Yukachan, Hinatan, Moeka, Mahohon, Ayanyan, Gata, Taro-chan, Rika-chan, Kani-chan, Rie-san, Mihachan - they all ranked it✨

A lot of them!!
I’m happy😭❤️💦

3 NGT48 Kenkyuusei members!
Yukachan is 1st!

I was surprised, so happy😭😭😭

I will do my best too!!!

Kusakabe Aina Photolog / 2017.05.31