Supporting your favorite fandom artists! - (&a guided review through Redbubble)

Addiction of the day: thy name is art prints.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an insatiable need to own art. Anything that visually appealed to me, I innately wanted to have it in some form or fashion. It started with comic books, then manga, then art books, to lithographs & by the time I stepped into my first artist alley: I was beyond doomed. A chronic (1st world) problem I have is figuring out where to hang stuff & what to rotate out.

My first real job was even a photolab where I sat & color corrected photos & then printed them on everything from standard glossy 4x6 prints to huge vinyl billboards. Later I stumbled into my photographing hobby & found I still loved working with different printing companies to see what they were pressing out.

So today - I’m going to cover some of Red Bubble’s photofinishing, in hopes that you, you lovely fandom art lovers & hoarders, will have a print that you’re 100% happy with & thus begin the downward spiral of your own art addiction while helping out some viciously talented people.

Here is my most recent haul: a variety of 3 different formats that RB offers.

Now when you’ve created the wall space or simply have the desire to treat yourself & would like something bigger then stickers, Red Bubble offers 5 different ways you can own this delicious artwork for yourselves: Here I’ll be going over the most popular 3:

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So a few months ago I had won a photo competition- the prize being a free course and climb with themountain guides of the San Juan mountains in Colorado; right on time for my birthday. Originally I had planned on a long road trip with a friend, due to his new job with Boeing though, he had to bail out last minute. No worries, we all have to work! Now, I need to buy a plane ticket to Colorado for the end of the month but I’m a few hundred dollars short!

So, I’m putting on an emergency fund raiser of sorts.

Originally, I had planned on selling specific photos in limited print runs, but I’m pushing that project back and for now, I’m selling every photo I’ve ever posted publicly! Literally, every single one is up for grabs. If you can find the image online somewhere, whether it be my instagramtumblr, or website- I’ll dig up the original/high-res file and have it printed for you through the photolab I work with. All of them are for sale, flat rates for each size, all printed on Fujifilm Luster photo paper.

After the three week sale ends, the prices will be a bit higher, and only select prints will be available. So If there are any photos of mine you wish to purchase for your homes or family friends- Now is the time to check them out, go through my online shop, and have them ordered! I hope and thank you for your support!

You can find more information on my print sale, along with some of my favorite photographs I took from 2014 here

‘Bunny bun I’m in the photolab come fetch me if the mood or a rock should strike you’ reads the inscription below the photograph. Given as a gift to her boyfriend, this may have been a private message between the two. Woodman would often paste photographs on to paper and in journals as works in progress, surrounded by expressive, personal notes. Her photographs explore issues of gender and self, looking at the representation of the body in relation to its surroundings. She usually puts herself in the frame, although these are not conventional self-portraits, since she is either partially hidden, or concealed by slow exposures that blur her moving figure into a surreal, ghostly presence. This underlying fragility is emphasised by the small and intimate format of the photographs.

Francesca Woodman  1958-1981