Rainbow Jellyfish

A spaceship-like jellyfish glowing underwater stunned a diver who bumped into the fish gracefully dancing in Protea Banks. The striking color of this crown jellyfish in South Africa was captured by hobby photographer, Pier A. Mane, 38 from Cape Town who swam alongside the peaceful giant. (Caters)

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Remembering journalist Elidio Ramos Zárate, shot and killed in June in Oaxaca, #Mexico


Deadly knife attack at facility for the disabled in Japan

A young Japanese man went on a stabbing rampage Tuesday at a facility for the mentally disabled where he had been fired, officials said, killing 19 people months after he gave a letter to Parliament outlining the bloody plan and saying all disabled people should be put to death.

When he was done, Kanagawa prefectural authorities said, 26-year-old Satoshi Uematsu had left dead or injured nearly a third of the almost 150 patients at the facility in a matter of 40 minutes in the early Tuesday attack. It is Japan’s deadliest mass killing in decades. The fire department said 25 were wounded, 20 of them seriously.

Security camera footage played on TV news programs showed a man driving up in a black car and carrying several knives to the Tsukui Yamayuri-en facility in Sagamihara, 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Tokyo. The man broke in by shattering a window at 2:10 a.m., according to a prefectural health official, and then set about slashing the patients’ throats.

Sagamihara fire department official Kunio Takano said the attacker killed 10 women and nine men. The youngest was 19, the oldest 70. (AP)

Photos: (from top) REUTERS/Issei Kato, AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, REUTERS/Issei Kato, AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko

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A man seen lying and praying on top of the tomb of Jesus Christ, as thousands of Orthodox Christian worshippers take part in the Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, traditionally believed to be the burial site of Jesus Christ, in Jerusalem’s Old City during the Easter holiday. April 30, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush

VIETNAM. Near Cambodia. March 19, 1964. A father holds the body of his dead child as South Vietnamese Army Rangers look down from their armoured vehicle. The child was killed as government forces pursued guerrillas into a village near the Cambodian border. 

This picture won the Pulitzer Prize in 1965.

Photograph: Horst Faas/AP


Priest killed in attack at church in Normandy, France

A priest was killed and another person was seriously injured following an attack at a church in Normandy, France, where officials said police killed two hostage takers.

Two armed men entered the church shortly before 10 a.m. local time, during morning mass, and took five people hostage at the church in a suburb of Rouen – located roughly 80 miles northwest of Paris – according to the Ministry of the Interior.

A nun and a parishioner were among the hostages.

The motive is not yet known, but the Paris persecutor’s office has opened up a terrorism investigation following the attack. (GMA)

Photos: (from top) REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol, 2, P Photo/Francois Mori

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On the drive to Fairview Cemetery in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park, six seniors from Roxbury Latin boys’ school sit in silent reflection. Mike Pojman, the school’s assistant headmaster and senior adviser, says the trip is a massive contrast to the rest of their school day, and to their lives as a whole right now.

Today the teens have volunteered to be pallbearers for a man who died alone in September, and for whom no next of kin was found. He’s being buried in a grave with no tombstone, in a city cemetery.

“To reflect on the fact that there are people, like this gentleman, who probably knew hundreds or thousands of people through his life, and at the end of it there’s nobody there — I think that gets to all of them,” Pojman says. “Some have said, ‘I just gotta make sure that never happens to me.’”

'Today We Are His Family’: Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone

Photos: Kayana Szymczak for NPR


On the ground at the DNC — a photo report

Award-winning photographer Khue Bui is on the ground for Yahoo capturing scenes from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. From protests outside to the convention floor and the quirky stuff in between — we will be presenting his exclusive photographic report throughout the week.

See our complete convention coverage here.

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