He’s the type of guy of who won’t give up on anything, until everything is worked out between us. He makes mistakes, but he knows how to make up for them. He’s the type of guy who can make me smile, even if I’m at my worst days. The guy who’ll upset me and piss me off, but will instantly make up for it. He’s the type of guy to call me at night, just to hear my voice and say I love you. He’ll keep texting me because he gets worrried that something may have happened if I don’t text back right away. He’s there for me whenever I need him. He’ll listen to me vent, and go along with my pointless stories. He’s the type of guy who isn’t just a lover, but also a best friend. The guy I can play many jokes with, and make fun off, knowing he won’t care. He’s the type of guy to tell off other girls tryna get at him because he’s taken, and he’s committed. A guy who takes care of me for who I am and love me still no matter how imperfect I may be ♥