Upon Your Request

Your request to draw you
Your longing to pencil you in
Perhaps become immortalized
By none other than my foolish self,
Was quite daunting.
How could I make you better?
When your words
were so defining and enderearing.
How could I sketch you seemingly better?
A girl perhaps was your request.
Your words were already lovely
Feminine like.
As if your comely words weren’t
inviting enough.
for my attention.
You, yourself was
perfect enough.
Instead of a drawing I let
nature exemplify
Your beauty
Your words
Your kindness.
My submission
was my attempt
to attract your
fluttering self.
But to my dismay
You stung my heart
I must be a masochist
to try to capture yours.
Tell me, in what sense
would you allow me to exist?
Could I physically exist
alongside you?
Not just in your thoughts?



#‎fotografia‬: 1000 PORTRAITS FROM SUDAN

Ideato da Ahmad Aladdin, “1000 Portraits From Sudan” è un progetto fotografico che celebra in modo artistico la diversità etnica (e religiosa) del Sudan.

Le fotografie, perlopiù ritratti di strada, ritraggono donne e uomini nella loro quotidianità; e i loro volti raccontano il presente di una nazione melting-pot, le cui radici affondano nell'incontro tra cultura africana ed araba.