- ̗̀  Hello there, cuties, and welcome to my studyblr!  ̖́- 

I’ve had this blog for a little while (since February, to be precise) but I’m only now getting around to making an introduction post. I hope I’ll stick around and meet some wonderful people along the way!

– the basics

  • My name’s Xénia
  • I’m 19 years old
  • third year university student majoring in English
  • English isn’t my first language, though, but hopefully I’ll be completely fluent in it one day, and for now I’m sorry for any mistakes in advance
  • I’m a sagittarius and an istp

– interests

  • I’m a huge cinephile, I love cinema and everything related to it
  • Gaming (I’m a newbie haha)
  • Drawing (which is something I should do more often) and playing musical instruments (piano / guitar / drums)
  • Languages (I really want to learn Swedish!)
  • Trying to get into photography
  • I like quite a few shows but my current favorites are Prison Break and Castle

– reasons why i started studyblr

  • I’ve always been fascinated by the community; everyone seems so genuinely nice and always willing to help & I believe that becoming a part of said community will help me stay motivated and inspired + I want to make some new friends!

(( I’m not getting my schedule for the semester till late August but the classes I’m definitely going to have are English and French; and once I do get it, all the classes will be listed in my updates tab ))

Finally, some studyblrs that have inspired me to create mine and keep inspiring me on the daily basis: 

@studyblr @emmastudies @studyplants @studylustre @stillstudies @studyign @journalsanctuary @studypetals @succulentstudy @aescademic @scholarly @milkystudies @mochi-studies @zeestudies @tbhstudying @smoketexture @intellectys @cmstudy @acaedmic @focusign

Thank you for reading and hope everyone is having an amazing day!

@fivestrings-attached tagged me to post a selife….so honestly I am going to use this as an unapologetic excuse to most the photos that I JUST now got back from my time in Ireland with Celtic Fusion Design!! (you guys are going to be the first to see this….even before instagram :o so shhhh pretend you saw nothing) 

So, here’s a picture of me on the Cliffs of feckin’ Moher, peaking at 20 years of age. 

Photography by: Mrs. Redhead Photography

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