170517 // photography

I made a spotify! The link is in my blog description so do check it out if you want to creep on my music tastes.

I would link everything in this post but tumblr’s doing very dumb things with tags which basically means that if I put an external link (I’m praying internal links still work) in a post then it won’t show up in tracking tags, obviously not great for a baby studyblr like me :/ I made a similar post a few days ago which disappeared from the tags but you can find it here if you’re interested.

Also thank you to @ttstudys and @iridescent-studies for putting up with my antics and helping me figure out wtf was going on. This utterly miserable post goes out to you.

I swear if this post goes walkabout too I’m going to have a fit

Corii Aegis - shot by Pixelmaniax Photography
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