tree in parents neighbors garden that only comes alive at night  when i smoke on the steps and converses in the rustle of silky leaves as wind passes by and taps at soul. never noticed in day time because free trees sway is muffled by the babble of people and drone of machines. at night she becomes alive and I do with her. summer nights are rolling in magical. moss witch is all “you can thrive anywhere, immediate landscape golden as any canyon or lake or mountain: you/I just need open space and nightly stars and trees to listen to, even planted trees and co-ordinated  stuffy rose gardens of bigots, my moss grows on everything wherever whatever not fussed just give me the conditions and common law and I’ll grow DESPITE radical radical uprise change, heal and love and my art is laid down where I see the need for love and compassion and my emerald kush-oning is also my life source, we’re all entwined I live to live not work to live, don’t you see, don’t you see how you may learn and grow, grow grow from nature, from me?”

first summer with soul eyes.  such sights and sounds make soul drum. jezebel awaken.

soul awakens and drums to nature as she hears herself chime in the chime of leaves. she knows the language of the leaves. can hear the elements stories and jokes and ancient messages stream through the sky. can read trees before they have been turned into books. i think trees don’t mind dying to spread knowledge until we, humanity have learned the old language of life, have learned to love and respect nature again. Soul knows the ancient language of timelessness where we were all one, drops together, lulling in dark and light loopy limbo, kissing and knowing only embracing all softness. fluent in wildness. all from the same divine tribe. soul recognises and gets excited like a happy dog seeing another happy dog in the park when we see other soul we used to be one with, when we are wearing our kaleidoscopic jezebel glasses. that let us see sparkling particles spiralling in all and shows us we’re all made of the same earthy fabric (and why jezebel loves glitter)

and that’s why jezebel/souls eyes flutter awake at the sound of her own song. the sound of friends passing by, ancestor spirits floating by and souls throw parties and laugh and somersault in celebration of life and love. 


now more than ever working for a shit company disillusioned with exterior society i wanna live in the woods in a hemp tunic and plant carrots. thinking of running away to go wwoof for somebody if i can find somewhere last min. 

the only way i see society being better is for scottish people to VOTE YES and then VOTE GREEN. this whole ukip situation scares me.  


Aberdour Castle. With the risk of sounding like my mother, I love ruins. 

There’s something enchanting and mystical about them. Ruins make us aware of the passage of time. I stood in what was once an earls medieval bed chamber and looked through the window he would have looked through. I wondered how the view had changed. Whether the sea always looked liked that. I thought of  the the infinite cycles of birth and death, the lives lived, the thousands of seasons to have happened all around as the castle sat, slowly crumbling in the weather  

I wondered how many people had looked through this same frame and thought the same thing, and whether whoever slept in this room ever considered it. Did they watch the seas ebb and flow, see crashing waves and sparkling ripples, watch the sun move in and out of the water and too, think about this flowing time, and how they’d once day cease to be, whilst the surround would carry on regardless?

We don’t tend to think too much about non being. Too much contemplation on the fact the world goes on after you stop breathing throws questionable meaningless over every inch of accepted life, and doesn’t always bring forth the liberation it should. I had an existential breakdown when I first started working with themes about time and the river. Ruins remind us that we’re fleeting, delicate impermanence. That we’re a globe fulla fluttery crazy, dancing delicate beings. 

Our buildings and tools stand life longer than we do, and  they’re most often the only things that give hint to ever having existed  in this world. Now, it’s strange to think that the world keeps on going without us, and that in a hundred years, we might be completely forgotten. I think today’s technology gives people hope for some kind of immortality; in the sense so much of us is preserved online. This blog might exist longer than I do. 

There’s this great pressure on us to do something, to do something to be remembered for, to do something great, as if simply merging back into the soil after a lifetime of experience means you’ve lived less, as if you need to always be striving to reach some blazing pinnacle in the distance. I think this way of thinking is the source of much dissatisfaction for ourselves and much disrespect to others. 

 I find comfort to think of things that are more solid than I am. It’s comforting to think of trees that hark back to great great grandparents, the moon who’s seen it all, and who all have seen, and ruins that have withstood centuries of battering storms, but knowing that none of it will last, that all of it, too shall pass. I think crumbling castles are like medicine for those who feel stagnant and stale. This magical, strange sense of the world moving despite is evoked when you wander through them, and reminds you that you’re too, just passing through. 

Ruins can be symbols of this, of this time passing.

sometimes i am glittering in undiluted rippling happiness

(some time last summer i looked up and my life was a splendid uncertain mess like lives so often are and i smiled and leaned back into the bus seat, shoulders dropping, bones loosening, anxiety melting. on a bus rolling through the countryside, squinting my eyes at the naked sun when the trees ran sparse and i smiled some more, feeling so happy the smile spread all the way across my face from ear to ear, and then past my ears and seat and the aisle and the windows, across the narrow road and seeped well into the green fields on either side, for it all felt delirious and fine. and i knew that if i was okay now in this situation in the midst of mess then i’d really be okay in any situation)

and sometimes i am not


This plant stuff is seriously enchanting and is making sparks fly in my head for my feminine, herby degree show next year. Foraging yesterday I found so many things and was in awe from the abundanance of it all. Not a lot is ready at the plot atm but the forests are more than alive! Logically this just strengthens my belief in permaculture being the way to go in growing, sustainable and abaundant. Natures own design. It proves how knowledge is power. Once you know what a plant is called and what it looks like you care about it. You recognise it, you can eat it, you can use it. A couple years ago I would have walked through the same place with my camera taking pictures of what caught my eye and I wouldn’t have looked at any of the plants as healing plants, as history, as the food and medicine of the ancestors. Connecting to the landscape and time in another way, these are the heirloom heritage plants rapidly being lost as our hedgerows and forests and wild spaces are forever being destroyed and foraging has to remain an autonomous act of being a creature of the commons. Taking as the rest of nature does, moderately. 

Anyway, the plants I had been thinking about, I found!  I found the wild garlic I’ve been craving. I just bought some alkanet seeds as I was reading about alkanet for it’s red dye made from the roots and look whart I discovered in abundance, green alkanet which can be used for the same thing. ‘Green Alkanet was imported into Britain hundreds of years ago for use as a dye. It was particularly cultivated by monasteries because the roots of the plant produce a rich red that is ideal for ecclesiastical cloth. Its religious connections may go back as far as ancient Egypt where priestesses are said to have used it as a hair dye.” 

Theres been talk of garlic mustard but I wasn’t sure what it looked like. I came across this pretty plant with tiny white flowers and took a photo and a cutting so I could identidy it and there it is, wild mustard! There were also cleavers, nettles, blackberry leaf, comfrey, dandelion, dead nettle. Essentially, magic, everywhere. 

reminder that i am the most important thing in my life and i am present and aware and i can be at any time

“you don’t need to be the life of the party because you can be the thrum of the forest

the back-ally cobble dweller trickling inspiration to the masses through wild chance and falling, unassuming flower shops, pavement artists, smiling children.

just read and curl up or spread out and be whatever you want to be. just make sure to step outside of your comfort zone often enough so that you feel alive.”