I have been loving everything I ve been seeing come out of WonderCon, some fabulous costumes.
These two may have won it for me though. Beckie and I saw some art like this a while back and thought it was great.
I love the crossover, LifeofShel - Anna Solo and Maid of Might Cosplay - Elsa Organa really knocked it out of the park.

These two amazing photos were taken by Estrada Photography

Be sure to go and head over to their pages and check out their work first hand.

… I am not even a big fan of Frozen XD I think its the crossover that gets me best XD Anna Solo is just too cool. … (Trigger discipline though you nerfherder :P no wonder you /always/ shoot first ;) )

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Episode 29 full guide

Nathaniel (If he’s her lurv):
B… I think? Well, it didn’t go down.
A.- choose to take pictures of people… I think it’s ‘A’ anyway.
I uh… I chose “wrath” but the game thinks that I chose “envy.” I got the illustration first try anyway so I guess it’s right?

For Melody in the basement, B., to make Melody and Peggy go away.
And then B. Tell him about how PEGGY KNOWS WHAT’S UP!

Castiel (Without him as your lurv):
A if he doesn’t really like you. Maybe even when he’s average towards you. B. was neutral when he likes you. C. also didn’t seem to change, but that was on an account where he was already 100 anyway so…

Castiel, lover:
B… The Care Bear one.
I chose envy. Castiel said that he’d prefer rage. I thought that that would piss him off.
And A. And I, once again, got it first try.

Kentin (Lurver):
I chose “greed.” For reasons I’ll go into later on in a different post.
C, to calm him down
Aaaand again. I got the illustration from doing this.

Armin, as lover:
B… Y'know, I think it’s good for you to kiss or hold hands no matter who it is.
Pride didn’t seem to interest him.
A.- Suggest something.
A. Again. I think.
Well, I got the illustration anyway. So cool.

Armin, not luver:
A… I think. The thing that says “video games would be interesting to learn about.” My advice? Fucking don’t.

Lysander, lover:
B. (Rather he’s your lover or not.)
C. He’s obviously foreshadowing.
I chose envy. He prefers pride. We had to do sloth.
Aaaand I got the illustration.



Rosalya and Alexy

C. and C… I think.

This was an easy one. I’m gonna go make dinner and play Fire Emblem while The Simpsons is playing in the background.

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