Brigitte Carnochan Explores Imagination and Color Through Photography

Artist Brigitte Carnochan has refined the photographic process to create extraordinary works of art.  She uses two process – she uses a platinum/palladium technique and gelatin silver prints which she hand paints. She explains her use of hand painting as opposed to using color photography:

Even though most people see the world in color, they do not see everything in the same exact colors. From an optical point of view, the colors we see depend on where we stand in relation to the object, where the sun is on the horizon, what color the walls are, or the tint of our glasses (or contact lenses), and so on. From a psychological point of view–everything depends on whether we are worried, elated, anxious, in love, lonely, distracted, or fully alert. For this reason, I often hand color my work, because the process allows me to interpret the essence of my subject according to my own imagination. VIA

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