and if only people would be hungry for change, then who knows, Philippines might be on top.
let’s not waste every single right we have for our country. no one could ever love Philippines, but only us FILIPINOS.

Let us pray for a righteous leader. someone who would not dare risk his country and countrymen. someone who is honest and trustworthy. who would not trade anything for money. who have a fear of God. and who loves Philippines more than he loves his family seeing living in gold.

–Gaaah, where did my wisdom go? I can’t believe I wrote this last year. Hahaha!

So this is my first ever shot using the Nikon FM10. As obvious as it seems, I still don’t know how to use it thus the underexposed shot. Mehehe. Also, I went to Picture City to get my latest developed rolls when they told me that the Centuria roll wasn’t properly loaded thus has no shots at all. My heart was broken! I went to Anawangin using that film and had tons of shots of the mountain I CLIMBED and the sea and the rocks huhuhu. Blaming my boyfriend for failing to load it properly. I will kill him…..with kisses hihi.

Nikon FM10 | Fuji C200