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hello i wanted all of my stories to be on the same page and it’s rebloggable so if you guys want to reblog it you can! also, this is very long so you can see it after the “read more” on desktop. i hope you find something you enjoy! if not, requests are almost always open! 

-allison :-)

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We’re both hardly on here anymore, but that won’t stop me from greeting the wonderful @bohemianrider​ and gifting her with a Happy Birthday Everlark drabble. ILY, BR, my dear, dear friend. xoxo

i. aperture

“Excuse me…do you understand what we just went over?”

Peeta slips his notebook into his backpack and turns around, wondering if the question was directed at him. He comes face to face with a girl he’s definitely noticed before – silver eyes, long, always-braided brown hair, never smiles…oh right…that’s probably why he’s never spoken to her. “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

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This semester has been rough. I haven’t been to the gym as much as I’d like and honestly this last week I haven’t been once. Finals are crushing my souls and I’m slipping back in to a very negative mindset of body negativity. It’s really easy to block out all the positive things I have going on and focus on the things I haven’t done. While I haven’t had the cleanest diet I definitely haven’t had a major mid exam binge like normal. I haven’t been to the gym but I have gone on a run and a lovely hike. I haven’t made time to skype my boyfriend lately but I have aced every exam I’ve had so far (3 down 3 to go!). It’s easy to look at the negative but taking a step back to admire the work you have done is important too.

Electives, And Other Ways To Get College Credit

Never say I don’t treat you well lmao. I thought I’d give your hearts a break. Fluff? Fluff. 

Pairing: Riley/Maya
Words: 1,475
Summary:   Adults forget what it’s like to be a teenager the second they stop being one. What’s Maya’s proof? The fact that they all keep leaving two teenagers alone together in small rooms. Frankly, though? Maya’s just really, really glad she took photography this semester.


You’d be lying if you said you weren’t thankful that you’re spending the coldest day of the year in the Dark Room, a warm and fuzzy red glow casting shadows in the closet sized space.

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Here’s my final series for Darkroom one, I’ll be taking darkroom photography again next semester. But in this series I just explored some witchy concepts and some pictures of actual practice in the photographs. These are crappy quality pics of them, but I haven’t scanned them and idk if I will.  

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For Transcendence, more stuff about Mabel + Dipper doing college?

“I didn’t know they printed out the course catalogs anymore.”

Mabel, plopped on the floor having some well deserved tummy time, only nodded. “Mm-hmm.” She flipped to the next page.

Dipper floating in the air crosslegged above her, snorted. “It’s so wasteful. Don’t they know like, 87.469% of people throw them away without even looking at them?”

At that Mabel rolled over on her back and looked up at her twin. “You pulled that number out of your butt.”

Dipper grinned and tapped his temple with a clawed finger. “Nope. I know l̝̖̠̣̬o̺͚͚t̘̤̤ͅs̫̫ ̙̫̮̦̻̣ọ̪͝f̱̖̭̱̝͔͘ ͈̼̠̭̣͘ͅt̝̱̮̪͙̻͞ḥ̼͍i̛͎̺̜̘̹-”

“Lots of things, complete knowledge, unlimited rice pudding, yeah yeah yeah I know.” But she was grinning as she said it.

Mabel rolled over and plopped back onto her stomach. “And besides, that means twelve and change percent of people still look at it and that includes me, so there.” 

Dipper floated closer, to peer over her shoulder. “I thought you picked your classes for the semester already. Photography I and that business course.”

“I dropped Photography and I’m looking for something to fill it.”

Dipper’s jaw dropped. It almost hit the floor until he remembered that Mabel would stuff crayons and carpet lint in it until he ‘remembered to people’ again and he picked it back up.

“But you were so excited for photography! You and Soos were going to go into Bend to get a manual camera tomorrow!”

Mabel sighed. “I know but-” Her colors swirled from bright bubblegum pink, to lavender violet and finally deep, dark blue. “But it’s not fair.”


She looked at him, determination on her face despite the roiling of her aura. “It’s not fair. College was supposed to be your big thing, not mine, and you can’t go, and…and I’m not even going to real college only community college and I know you and Stan say that doesn’t matter but I know it does to you and you would have gone to Harvard or something and this can’t make up for it but you should have a class and-”

Her rambling dried up in her throat, and she looked down at the page again.

“It’s not fair,” she finished quietly.

Inside there was a boy, on the cusp of teenhood, who died at twelve, screaming that it wasn’t fair. Inside there was fury and rage and a scream that once unleashed would keep on going because he had died his life was over and it ẁ͉̞̺̪̮a͇̦̝̖͍s̼̮͈͎n̛̘̬̖͈̫̗̩'͖͓͈͔̣͉t̠̦̥̕ ̫̟͚͇̫͓f͙̼͇̪͕ͅa͞i̜̮̞̰̯͟r̜̯͡-

He looked at Mabel.

Looked at the twin who stood by him for three years while everyone at their school drew further and further away from her. The sister who never denied him. The sister who threw away any chance at a normal life to stay at his side. The sister who had been the one to make the call to Stan, not him, even though for once he had been solid-

Mabel, who had given up so much and expected nothing in return, who gave and gave and gave and what if she woke up one day and there was nothing left of her at all-

It wasn’t fair. 

It wasn’t fair to her.

“I have all the time in the world to learn any thing I want. I don’t need college.” He paused. “You know what I do need?”

Mabel sniffed. “What?”

“Really pretentious black and white photos of dumb stuff taken by my sister.”

Mabel burst out into a big, watery grin. 

She held out a fist to bump. “I promise to take only the most foofy and up its own butt pictures of stones and Grunkle Stan sleeping.”


Study Abroad...

2k word AU-ish where Bitty goes and studies abroad for fall semester of his sophomore year, which brings about Jack’s realization of his feelings.

He finds out via Lardo that Bittle isn’t coming back to Samwell at all. Well, not until after Christmas anyway. The doctors had suggested Bittle take a little longer to recover from the concussion. Jack feels guilt pierce through him again at the thought. Bittle should be moving into the room across the hall, except it’s just all unpacked boxes right now and Bittle is in another country doing a semester abroad. 

He’s not sure how he feels about it.

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