I love the way the light comes through the beauty bushes in our backyard and they make for lovely pictures…! Until your doll falls out of a bush, six feet to the ground and hits her head on the metal step stool you’re standing on. I’m so sorry, Babs. Still, you looked so pretty with those flowers ;3;

Hi! I’ve made submittions on here before, but only some people stay. So i’m making another to hopefully find more friends! I’m 17, i will be 18 in September.. so 2 months! I’m from the USA. My name is Nidhi but everyone calls me Nids. I’m brown, lol. I’m starting college this August. I prefer to meet people of age 16 and above. And I really wanna meet people from ALL over the world.

Things I love:
Harry Potter
Black clothes
Making videos
Making short films

I’m looking for someone who loves to talk A LOT. Literally I prefer someone who can make a conversation out of anything. I’m a very open book and would like someone who is kind of the same.
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Instagram: the.nids
Kik: tiffrosie