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I am on a mission, I’m on many missions, in fact sometimes I wish I was James Bond, however, my 2012 mission is to facilitate the reach of my fine art photography (particularly my magic lantern series) to higher echelons than it’s current standing,

STEP 1 was to meet with a fabulous, highly talented and experienced gallery curator to review my work and ask for direction + feedback √ this took place in December 2011 + was fantastic!

STEP 2 to create a specific website SOLEY for this project √ (finishing touches are being applied - this will be live by Jan 31st)

STEP 3 get out there, print the series, work on presentation, present to galleries, enter competitions BE SEEN

STEP 4 keep fingers x’d, smile + keep going :-) x
Drew Nikonowicz
The Society for Photographic Education (SPE) is a national non-profit organization that seeks to promote a wider understanding of photography in all of its forms and to foster the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship and critical analysis.

I will be discussing my project This World and Others Like It at the 2015 Midwest SPE Conference in October! If you are attending I hope you’ll come and listen.

Architecture and Urban Planning Building (well, construction thereof.)

Designed by architecture firms Holabird & Root and Eppstein & Uhen, the award-winning Architecture and Urban Planning Building was completed in 1993. It covers over 143,000 square feet, making the building one of the largest schools of architecture constructed during the past forty years. Student design studios, classrooms, exhibition areas, computer labs, offices, research centers, a media and photography center, and a lecture hall are all housed in the building.

Construction on the campus in 1992 :: UWM Photo Collection

Falmouth Photo Symposium 2015, me and the furries

Falmouth Photo Symposium 2015, me and the furries

As readers of this blog may have well…read in the past I gave a talk at the annual The Institute of Photography Symposium at Falmouth University to the students in January. As well as meeting the students, and being very impressed with the quality of their work. I went the whole hog and managed to break down a talk about my photography, the furries and my editing work into 40 minutes. There were…

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Above: News from Senior Lecturer Grant Scott.

“This book is my second and was published at the beginning of August and features images created bt existing students and graduates of the course. I’ve just heard that it has reached number 24 in the best sellers list on Amazon UK and 2,208 out of over 6,000,000 books on Amazon UK”.
2 Clumsy Mistakes To Avoid When Meeting With Potential Customers

You recently received an inquiry from someone who really likes your work, is interested in hiring you for a shoot, and wants to meet in person (or on the phone) to discuss more details. Naturally, you’re pretty excited. The thought of booking an event is something that thrills all of us. Then, as soon as the meeting starts, the two cardinal sins of salesmanship rear their ugly heads. What are they?

Talking too much and not listening enough.

Sure enough, once the prospect asks you a question, it’s as if you’ve suddenly been put in front of a classroom with the responsibility to lecture on photography for the next 25 minutes, flood gates thrown open. And because you want so badly to make the sale, you don’t leave anything out – linking your statements from one benefit to the next, emphasizing personal strengths, advantages, until you’ve suddenly dominated the conversation with what YOU wanted to say and talk about, not what THEY needed to hear.

This is the first massive mistake, and is actually the primary cause for the second mistake. Whether you are just starting to charge for your photography services, or wanting to increase and grow your existing photography business, you cannot allow yourself to command the conversation. When you do this, you miss uncovering the real concerns of the client, what they really want in the end, and ultimately it makes them feel as though they weren’t really heard. Remember, it’s not about YOU – it’s about THEM.

One way to turn this scenario around is to start asking them questions, turn the table. Get them talking about what their vision for the shoot is, what concerns they may have, how they view the end result. A great trick to get them to start talking is to say something like this, “____ (name), I’m fully prepared to discuss the event/project in detail with you, but first I want to get your perspective on it so that we can focus our time together on the things that interest you most.”

By announcing that you’re prepared, you demonstrate your competence and responsibility – and by demonstrating your preparation, you build immediate credibility. Furthermore, by inviting your customer to articulate what’s most important to them, you recognize and validate their importance. In other words, it shows that you care about their thoughts and concerns, and that you want to work together to provide a solution that works for both of you.

The next step is to keep them talking. Again, this is all about them, not you. An easy way to do this is to keep asking questions that are easy to answer such as:

  • Tell me more about
  • What else should I know about?
  • Could you please expand on..?

It’s imperative that you uncover as many of their fears, concerns, wants, desires as you can. Consider asking questions like:

  • What worries you most about this?
  • I can tell that you are frustrated about that – how come?
  • You mentioned that you tried that in the past. Why didn’t it work so well that time? What could have been done differently?

The primary benefit of asking all these questions is to uncover what’s really important to them. This is the treasure chest, what they are really after. Once you know what’s most important to them, you can then frame your offer according to the specific desires of that client, which will skyrocket your chance of booking the shoot.

But all of these questions are worth nothing – if you don’t listen to what they’re saying. There are four primary elements to Active Listening:

  1. Attentive body language (nod, make eye contact, smile, etc.)
  2. Verbal attends (uh-huh, okay, sure)
  3. Ask leading questions (open-ended questions that encourage them to talk more)
  4. Restating back to the person what they just said

Active Listening is not simply waiting for your turn to talk, and it’s certainly not interrupting them to demonstrate that you already know what they’re talking about. Active Listening is nothing more than allowing the customer to completely share their story with you, then playing back that story to them asking for confirmation and clarification. “Is that right? Did I miss anything?”

With any new skill, it takes time to get down pat. But this is something that will have an immediate effect on your ability to book more events because you are validating the concerns of your potential clients, and linking your services to their exact wants and goals.

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I literally have Dean Winchester in my photography lab AND lecture. He’s literally Dean. Like, if Dean were real and still in college, this would be him. And he’s SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE and I can’t handle it and I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m weird because I may have been staring just a little. But it’s totally justified!! Because he is so attractive. I can’t when handle it. Nope.


Above: News from Senior Lecturer Matthew Murray.

“Last year, at the 31st AOP Awards, I was awarded ‘Best in Category’  in the Open Award Stills Category. This year the AOP Open Awards have introduced a 'Series Category’ alongside the 'Stills Category’ and I have just found out that I am a finalist in the 32nd AOP Awards in both the ‘Series’ and ‘Stills’ Category.

I am not a member of the AOP the Open Category is the only category non-members.”

On-the-Go Photography

Pari Dukovic’s lecture also got me thinking more about getting a point-and-shoot camera. Before having gone to the lecture, I had already done research on various 35mm point-and-shoots. What I like most about point-and-shoot cameras is invariably the size. I’ve heard so many photographers say that they bring a camera with them everywhere, and for a long time, I had adopted that practice naturally. However, as my interest in photography waned, the idea behind these words of wisdom seemed like more of an inconvenience than anything.

However, there have been so many times where I’ve wanted to have something more than the camera on my phone. Sometimes when I’m walking around, the way the light shines through some fence or a group of people or something catches my attention and I wish I had a camera to capture what I saw. 

Carrying around a massive Canon DSLR is oftentimes a hassle. Having a camera bag in addition to a purse (or finding a bag big and safe enough to hold a camera without a case as well as all my other junk) is bulky. Additionally, I’ve found that I’m not always entirely comfortable carrying around such an expensive piece of equipment. 

An upcoming trip to Italy has made me wish even more that I had a small camera to take photos “on the fly.”  

I’m going to look more into point-and-shoots. I would like to go with a 35mm one because it would be nice to have a bit of a change in the quality of my photos. In addition, I’d like to develop my own photos. I do realise that Chelsea doesn’t have its own darkroom, which is annoying, but I did the darkroom induction at Camberwell last year and would happily do it again in order to use the darkroom this year. 


Since I moved to Los Angeles, the Annenberg Space for Photography has been my go-to place to keep up with the industry, trends, news and new photographers to watch. The gallery’s admission is free of charge and their exhibitions are complete and full of information, not only showcasing photography, but also videos, multimedia pieces, self-published books, slideshows and documentaries shedding more light into the work of the artists being presented. The space also offers lectures and photography related events as if everything else is not enough.

 Of all the exhibits I’ve attended, I was the most exited for the EMERGING exhibition, so I decided to go along with my fellow photographer friend Geneva Cegelis and share my experience and thoughts about it with all of you local photography enthusiasts.

 EMERGING presents images by more than 90 emerging photographers from around the world, who bring a fresh perspective to professional photography. The exhibit is full of works from photographers who have been featured in PDN’s 30, an annual selection of 30 up-and-coming artists. These artists represent a range of styles and a distinctive vision and creativity. The exhibition also explores how a new generation of photographers examines topics, from the personal to the global, showing how different perspectives and cultures unite for the same cause.

 As soon as I entered and started looking at these incredible images I realized why emerging artists are so important in the development of culture. Even though culture exists since the creation of humanity, it is something that will continuously be re-defined and re-shaped by significant changes and events that affects us personally and socially. Art is one of the many elements that acts as a catalyst for this culture re-definition, since it gives us a physical proof of every new perspective, opinion and revolution being born into our present world. It is amazingly refreshing and inspiring to learn how many artists around the world think about their own culture evolution, and how others react to it.

When I got into the exhibition, I carefully looked at every piece and fell in love so many artists (Corey Arnold, Olivia Bee, Julie Blackmon, Gratiane de Moustier, Bryan Derballa, Peter DiCampo, Pari Dukovic, Charlie Engman, Kiana Hayeri, JUCO, Billy Kidd, Dina Litovsky, Diana Markosian, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Katie Orlinsky, Ryan Pfluger, Marcus Smith) and I will talk about the top 4 photographers who captured my attention for specific reasons. Here is the list and the reasons these photographers should be followed and studied.

 1.     JUCO

 JUCO is a team of 2 photographer friends, Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. They met at The San Francisco Art Institute in 2002, where cody received his MFA in photography and Julia her BFA. Their style is defined by color vibrancy and the balance of minimalistic elements with abstract characteristics at its finest. This ongoing exploration and experimentation of color and form speaks loudly and clear of the current visual trends. If you enjoy color, form, brightness and crisp photography, this is the team to follow.

2.     Olivia Bee

 Olivia Bee is a photographer and director from Portland, Oregon who is based in Brooklyn, New York. She is intrigued by the beauty of everyday life and how the beauty of memories (real or imagined) touches us. With only 12 years of age, Olivia already had a passion for photography uncommon for kids her age. When she was 14, Converse reached out to her when they saw her work in her Flicker account, turning her into one of the youngest photographers to get commissioned by a major brand. Her images are made using analogue techniques, and they have a very dream-like aesthetic that will captivate your eyes immediately, but most importantly these images makes you FEEL so much. Olivia has an amazing talent to capture the truth of the moment perfectly so we can all experience it with the same honesty. Her story “Kids in Love” is refreshingly powerful and the perfect example of images that can cause a reaction in people.

3.     Pari Dukovic

Pari Dukovic is a Greek photographer based in New York whose art is informed by a fascination with historical painting and sculpture. His colorful and atmospheric portraits appear regularly in The New Yorker, where he was appointed the magazine’s youngest ever staff photographer in 2013. His work resembles paintings and pop art with a mixture of mixed media and form. His approach to celebrity photography is unique and very alive, it brings a whole new level of significance to what it means being a celebrity in the current century.

4.     Bryan Derballa

Bryan Derballa was raised in California but currently based in Brooklyn. His passion for skateboarding is what led him to travel, which led him to find love in photography. His images represent his everyday life and surroundings, these images are documentaries of real people, in real life, in real places. Because of this element, people can relate to his work on so many levels and see reality through a slightly whimsical perspective.

The EMERGING exhibit will be open to the public till September 20, 2015, so be sure to visit and support the Annenberg Space for Photography if you’re based in or visiting Los Angeles.

For more information on the EMERGING exhibit:

For more information on my top 4 photographers (Link to their work through their listed names)

Exhibition photos from 

Written by Elaine Torres - “I’m not a writter… I’m a Fine Art/ Editorial photography devotee “

Objective Microsecond Wedding Photography trendy Singapore

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