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The Creepy Things for Halloween Masterpost (2015)

It is October and I am in the Halloween spirit again so here is an updated masterpost of all of the creepiest posts from this blog because we have Halloween all year round. Enjoy! …And try not to get too scared. 

General Creepy Things

Black Cats

The Okiku Doll

The Anguished Man


The Curse of Little Bastard


Onryō (aka The Grudge/Ring)



The Headless Horseman


The Dyatlov Incident


Annabelle the Haunted Doll

The Crying Boy

Black Eyed Children

Robert the Doll


Mandy the Doll



Spirit Photography

Freddy Jackson

The Toys R Us Ghost

The Queens House Ghost

El Paso High School

The Crying Child Photograph

Security footage of a ghost screaming in haunted hotel

Boot Hill Cemetery

Grandpa’s Ghost

The Farm Boy Ghost

Poltergeist caught on camera 

Urban Legends

Red Cape

The Bunny Man

The Faceless Woman

Teke Teke


The Slit Mouthed Woman

Haunted Places

St Louis Cemetery

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Resurrection Mary

Myrtles Plantation

The Stanley Hotel (The story behind The Shining)

The Island of the Dolls

Old Changi Hospital

Liverpool Street Station (Bedlam Asylum)

Highgate Cemetary (The Highgate Vampire)

The True Story Behind The Exorcist

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Nam Koo Terrace

The Bell Witch

Granville Road 31

Glamis Castle

Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Himuro Mansion

LaLaurie Mansion

Borley Rectory

The Grey Lady of Willard Library

Poveglia Island

The South Shields Poltergeist

The Jabuticabal Poltergeist

St Augustine Lighthouse

The Half Faced Girl of Old Pali Road


I took some time over the weekend to shoot Gooliope in her full magnificence. Let me tell you, it was a blast. She’s so beautiful and detailed, so it was relatively easy to capture some great shots. 

Her eyes are a little wonky, and her hair is all messed up in the back, so once I get back home, I’ll have to do some minor touch up work. I really don’t want to repaint her yet, so I think I’ll enjoy her original paint job for a while.