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Last summer, our photography team hit the road to capture brand new images of over a dozen of Louis C. Tiffany’s mosaics still located in their original architectural settings for our exhibition, “Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics.” Here, the team is setting up to photograph “The Dream Garden” at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia. Thanks to their skillful lighting and photography, these works can be appreciated with a level of detail you might not notice if you see them in person.  Come see the hard work of the photography team in the exhibition’s “Mosaic Theater.”


One Sun, One Shadow by Shane Lavalette

Five years ago, photographer Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to produce brand new photographs of the south, through his eyes, for their 2012 exhibition: Picturing the South.

Many of its images became part of Lavalette’s larger project-turned-monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, released in 2016. Highlighting the south’s elegant stillness and beauty, the book reflects a deep seeing and visual meditation into the essence of this region. 

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