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5 and 20 please from yoi ask meme ! Thank you and have a good day <3

5) favorite rare pair: ohhhh well I read a fic once where Mila/Otabek was the background pairing and Honestly,,, good concept thank u

20) headcanon for what yuuri and phichit majored in in university: 

oh GODDDD well i think phichit could have been a comm major if I’m being honest? because he seems to have such an outreach on social media. maybe just straight up “communications” or “marketing”. i also headcanon him majoring in photography or something along those lines.  

with yuuri- god this could be anything lol. but honestly? i think he had a major in the arts. i dont think it was a music major tbh but maybe dancing? i know he asked minako for help that time but that was more of a “help me get in touch with my femininity” and he learned it all within like. less than a full day. which… is impressive lol and i think only dance majors could have learned that. i don’t think he majored in a language. the only other thing i can see is maybe ?? psychology or something? i know people who tend to deal with their own mental issues might want to go into the field. :)

much love and i hope you have a good day as well, thank you! (i’m gonna have a good day because i’m seeing wonder woman AGAIN) xxxxx

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"It's So Clearly Fake, Who Could Think This Was Real?"

When it comes to photographs, any image of Them as Themselves will look ‘obviously doctored’. Such as it was in Cottingley, so it is at Elsewhere.


“craig this is clearly just a cat with halloween decorations tied to it”

“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.” -Jane Austen, Persuasion