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Happy International Women’s Day! 

In this amazing aurora picture, the crater lake in the center is called Kerid (Icelandic: Kerið) and is about 3,000 years old. The overhead view shows impressive colors and banding, with the red colors occurring higher in the Earth’s atmosphere than the green. The background sky is filled with icons of the northern night including Polaris, the Pleiades star cluster, and the stars that compose the handle of the Big Dipper.

Image Credit & Copyright: Sigurdur William Brynjarsson; Annotation Advice: Sævar Helgi Bragason 

for those interested, here is an annotated version of the picture:

Vous savez, quand on a l'impression que le monde est plus fort, que tout autour de nous avance à une autre vitesse, qu'on ne se sent plus à l'aise avec personne et qu'on a envie de ne penser à rien… vous voyez ce que je veux dire ? 
Eh bien, moi, je me sentais comme ça, complètement paumé, plus rien ne m'importait.

Lectores. Buenos Aires. 2017. Argentina

Heloise Bergman

One of Heloise Bergman’s projects is called The Dying Art (of smoking) which was to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of banning smoking advertising. Bergman is also against smoking herself as she mentions, all the research she did on smoking out her off. For this project Bergman created an installation recording of everyone outside smoking and captured how the way one person holds a cigarette can provide information about the smokers personality. This was projected inside an exhibition, bringing the people outdoors inside, making them part of the exhibition.

Heloise Bergman’s current project is called Ta Moko - Modern Maori Warriors. Ta Mako means tattoo in the native language of New Zeland. This project captures the culture of Maori and represents their constant fight to keep their tribe and protect their history. In the project, she explores the new culture of the Maori and photographs them showing their cultural identity against a white background as you can see below.

Sinister ǀ 08

A/N: Soooo, I’m dumb. This was supposed to be queued and posted last Friday, but low and behold I didn’t do that properly so this has been sitting in my drafts for a few days now. I just got back from the coast and I feel awful. Sorry y’all. Here’s part 8 though!

Pairing: Demon!Taeyong x Reader

Genre: Supernatural!AU, Thriller, Romance(kinda, more later)

Warnings: None this chapter :)

Word Count: 4,832


Chapter 7

You went with him, keeping quiet as your mind wandered back to the energy you’d felt when you touched the book. You tried to focus on the meal he had made for you, eating slowly as he kept initiating small talk. Everything about this felt wrong to you, between the way he kept talking to his abrupt dismissal of the topic. You could barely even respond to him, and you could tell he was trying to keep it that way, he didn’t want you talking, asking questions, hell, he put the book completely out of your reach. Something about this situation was off.

For some reason, Taeyong was lying to you.

You tried, you really did, to just forget about the book for the time being. You figured you could talk to Doyoung about it tomorrow, but as Taeyong pulled you into bed, curling himself around you as he turned the lights off, you couldn’t help letting your mind drift to it. You laid in bed with Taeyong, your back pressed against his chest with his arm slung around you, keeping you close to him with a tight grip.

You pretended to be asleep, hoping he would drift off before you did so that you could try to find something out about the book. Thankfully, he must have been more tired than you were, the rise and fall of his chest slowing and his grip loosening around you. You slid out of his arms, replacing the space where you’d been with a spare wadded up blanket as you traveled soundlessly through the dorm. You were learning quickly that you could control a lot more of your surrounds than you had realized initially, making the process of getting the book from the shelf seamless. You set it on the coffee table, sitting on the couch as you ran your fingers across it, the odd aura still pulsing about the ancient tome.

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Taking Notes: The Outlining Method

The Outlining Method

Dash or indented outlining is usually best except for some science classes such as physics or math.

  1. The information which is most general begins at the left with each more specific group of facts indented with spaces to the right.
  2. The relationships between the different parts is carried out through indenting.
  3. No numbers, letters, or Roman numerals are needed.

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