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The snowiest place in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park’s winter blanket glows in the fading light of a purple sunset. Despite the frosty atmosphere, the lake rarely freezes. The last complete freeze was in 1949. Photo by John Dale (

We know, you’ve all been waiting for it!


When? Next Sunday, December 11th.

Give your photography a face - your face - on the PWS - Selfie Sunday

Submit your selfies until Friday, December 9th and join the fun.

All selfies submitted after Friday 9th will get into our drafts and will be published on the next Selfie Sunday in February

PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing

Handsomedogs’ Holiday Photography Contest III

The rules:

  • This is a holiday themed photography contest. All entries must be of dogs in festive attire/settings.
  • The photography must be yours! No submitting someone else’s image.
  • Put “Photography Contest” in the description. Otherwise it will just be queued as a regular submission.
  • I will narrow down the entries to 10, then I will post them for voting.
  • This contest will be open for 1 week, so December 11th is the last day for entries. December 12th will commence the voting process.
  • You may submit an image that you have submitted to handsomedogs before, for this contest. You may also submit your image twice if you’d like one entry for the contest, and one general submission. But remember to label each correctly.
  • Do👏Not👏Submit👏Anonymously👏
  • If you have any questions, ask!

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