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Rufous-crested Coquette, Panama by Juan Carlos Vindas

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hii can I request the chocobros (minus Noctis) and Cor popping the question to their s/o after recovering from the loss of Noct and realizing they need their s/o since they were so supportive during their time of grieving? (I hope this remotely makes sense) ty

Yup- I felt many feels typing this one up! Again, these are short drabbles because I’m really trying to power through the official NINE requests I have left in my inbox! The other ones that are in there were submitted after I had closed my inbox to requests, so while I didn’t delete them, I’m treating them as submissions for round 2 of request submissions! Thanks for sending this lovely request in! <3 All these drabbles will end in the confession- and it’s up to the reader to kind of fill in the blanks from there LOL :D *INTERACTIVITY AND ALL! :D :D :D*

P.S: this took me SUCH a long time to type up :O I don’t know whyyyy! :O

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Prompto: Prompto bit his lip as he glanced at you from under his blond fringe. It was raining down hard and you were holding your back pack limply in your hand. Fingers clasped tightly against the straps, you sighed out loud.

“I can’t believe you insisted we go on a photography expedition tonight of all nights!” you finally cried out, expressing your exasperation. Prompto laughed nervously and rubbed his palm against the back of his neck.

“Sorry- I just wanted to take you back to the spot we first met…” Prompto trailed off, coughing a little as he fumbled around in his pocket for something. He retrieved a small jewellery box and you couldn’t help but gasp, knowing exactly what it was. Prompto smiled up nervously at you and kneeled down on one knee, in the mud, before you. You gasped automatically and stared at your boyfriend of ten years, unable to believe what was happening.

Here you were, absolutely drenched outside at a camp ground you couldn’t even REMEMBER, with Prompto Argentum kneeling down on one knee with a goofy smile on his face, his clear blue eyes partially covered by his blond fringe. Prompto cleared his throat and nervously began to speak.

“So, y/n… you stayed by me through both the scariest and saddest parts of my life. You never gave up on me, and you supported me and helped me be the best person I could possibly hope to be. You helped me become a man and you allowed me to see the beauty in a world that had turned incredibly ugly. I want to spend my life with you, y/n… will you marry me? Please?”

Gladio: “Gladio? Gladiolus?” you whispered into your boyfriend’s ear as you laid beside him in bed early in the morning. You could feel the sun’s rays filtering in through your blinds and hitting your bedsheets with warm intensity. You sighed out in contentment and sat up, stretching your arms above your head with a yawn. Glancing at Gladio, you couldn’t help but smile fondly at the way he had his arm thrown over his face as he slept.

Leaning over the burly man, you nuzzled his cheek and pressed a soft kiss against his stubble. Gladio stirred at that and groaned slightly as he began to wake up. You grinned and bopped him on the nose in amusement. “About time! We’re going to be late for the memorial ceremony.” Your voice grew sombre at the mention of Noctis’ memorial ceremony. Gladio sat up immediately and sighed sadly.

“Yeah, right. Thanks babe.” Gladio ripped the covers off his bare, tone body and flexed involuntarily before heading off towards the bathroom. You watched him retreat into the bathroom and you let out a sad sigh of your own. You knew Gladio still beat himself up about Noctis’ death, even though he couldn’t have done anything about it- Noctis had been the Chosen King- his death had been written in the books the moment he was born.

Lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice Gladio walk out of the bathroom. You didn’t notice him eying you, nor did you notice the small box enclosed in his palm. Gladio cleared his throat, and you glanced at him. Raising your eyebrows at the fact that he was only in a towel, you watched him make his way towards you. He brought the box up and opened it, showcasing a gorgeous engagement ring.

You were slow to react, so you merely blinked down at the ring and then back at Gladio. “What’s this?” you asked, knowing full well that you sounded dumb.

“Marry me. You’re everything to me. You always have been, you always will be. Please- I need you. I always have. If I didn’t have you when Noctis…” Gladio took in a ragged breath before continuing, “… I don’t know. I just… the world’s so much better with you by my side. Please, y/n, will you be my wife?”

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On this day, 5th January 1922, Ernest Shackleton, died.

Sir Ernest Shackleton was an Antarctic explorer, best known for leading the Endurance’ expedition of 1914-16.

Ernest Henry Shackleton was born on 15 February 1874 in Ireland but his family moved to London where Shackleton was educated. He joined the merchant navy when he was 16 and qualified as a master mariner in 1898. 

In 1901, Shackleton was chosen to go on the Antarctic expedition led by British naval officer Robert Falcon Scott on the ship ‘Discovery’.  The team trekked towards the South Pole in extremely difficult conditions, getting closer to the Pole than anyone had come before. Shackleton became seriously ill and had to return home.

In 1908, he returned to the Antarctic as the leader of his own expedition, on the ship 'Nimrod’. During the expedition, his team climbed Mount Erebus, made many important scientific discoveries and set a record by coming even closer to the South Pole than before. Shackleton was knighted on his return to Britain.

In 1911, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole, followed by Scott who died on the return journey. In 1914, Shackleton made his third trip to the Antarctic with the ship 'Endurance’, planning to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Early in 1915, Endurance’ became trapped in the ice, and ten months later sank. Shackleton’s crew had already abandoned the ship to live on the floating ice. In April 1916, they set off in three small boats, eventually reaching Elephant Island. Taking five crew members, Shackleton went to find help. In a small boat, the six men spent 16 days crossing 1,300 km of ocean to reach South Georgia and then trekked across the island to a whaling station. The remaining men from the 'Endurance’ were rescued in August 1916. Not one member of the expedition died. Shackleton’s account of the 'Enduranceexpedition, South was published in 1919. The State Library of New South Wales holds a number of editions of this book, including first editions.

Shackleton’s fourth expedition aimed to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent but on 5 January 1922, Shackleton died of a heart attack off South Georgia and he was buried on the island.

The State Library of New South Wales holds collections of photographs depicting Shackleton’s expeditions, including these taken by photographer Frank HurleyPhotographs of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s trans-Antarctic expedition in the 'Endurance’, ca. 1914-1917  

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Hi. How would the boys confess to a very shy and timid crush?

I love everything about this request because I can relate to being shy and timid before someone I really like. I swear, if the chocobros just appeared in front of my with their beautiful selves I would feign ignorance and act like a complete knob- so much to the point that the chocobros would probably think I hated them. With that as inspiration, here are my headcanons (seems they got progressively longer as I moved from one chocobro to another- sorry Noct)!

**Note: after finishing these up, I’m not quite sure they turned out as fluffy and cute as I wanted them to be for you, Anon! My sincerest apologies!

Noctis: Our favourite Lucian prince is an awkward turtle. So naturally, he’s pretty shy and timid too! He doesn’t really know that his crush is just as shy, timid and nervous around him as he is around them. So there’s an aloof air to him when he approaches his crush. Basically, both Noctis and his crush have no idea they are interested in each other, and try to act ‘cool’ when they’re anywhere near each other, effectively driving each other away from each other. Both Noctis and his timid crush feel terrible heartache at every missed opportunity, and they wonder why the other dislikes them so much. Eventually, after a few weeks of acting like the other doesn’t exist from both Noct’s crush and Noctis himself, Noctis would be the one to make the first move- tired of waiting and wondering ‘what if?’ He’d sidle up to his crush quietly, and kind of stand around idling awkwardly beside them before clearing his throat and kicking the ground with the toe of his combat boots.

“Hey, I really like you… I just wanted to tell you that because- well, I don’t actually know why. I just had to.” Noctis would be a blushing mess, and he would not be able to make eye contact with his crush at all. In turn, his crush would be mirroring Noctis’ awkwardness- and the two would look like the cutest flustered couple ever, averting each other’s gazes and blushing like mad. Noctis’ crush, still blushing violently, would take a huge risk and clutch onto Noctis’ wrist, miscalculating as they probably intended to hold the prince’s hand. Either way, Noctis has a huge grin on his face by the end of the whole ordeal, and his crush (now girl/boyfriend) is super relieved that Noctis doesn’t in fact hate them!

Prompto: Prompto’s shy and timid (much like his crush) around people who he is not familiar with- but he hides it really well behind his slapstick humour. As a result, he’s kind of overwhelming to be around if you’re someone who doesn’t do well with small talk. He’d always be hanging around his crush, asking numerous questions about their likes and dislikes- almost to the point of being annoying. Seriously, the first thing that should tip this chocobo-loving blondie that his crush is just as into him as he is to them it the fact that they haven’t told him to shut up and leave them alone yet! Prompto would also create absolutely ANY excuse to take his crush along on a ‘super-secret-photography-expedition’ whenever he’d roll into his crush’s town with the other chocobros.

It would probably on one of these photography expeditions that Prompto would confess. He’d probably flush a blotchy red, which is super endearing, fiddling with his camera to avoid looking directly at his crush. Of course, his shy and timid crush would feel kind of awkward in such a situation and would try to make any excuse under the sun to leave.

(Oh, I have to feed my cat!) (But… you don’t have a cat. Remember, when I asked you if you had pets, you said no.)

Prompto would feel super disheartened at his crush’s attempts to get away from him. So much that, well, Prompto would finally blurt out: “Don’t you like hanging out with me? I really like hanging out with you! You’re amazing- and I really, really, REALLY like you a lot.” The silence that would follow his confession would be deafening as his crush tries to decipher the extremely fast cadence of Prompto’s words. Our sunshine chocobo-lover would then step forward, blushing an impossibly deep shade of red, and would take his crush’s hand in his own sweaty palm.

His crush would squeeze his hand, offering a timid yet happy smile at the blond. This positive reaction would then lead to a lot of whooping, cheering, and countless amount of couple selfies (after all, Prompto’s got to document the moment his huge confession when absolutely perfectly).

Gladio: Gladio’s a flirt. A very confident, manly flirt. His crush is the complete opposite: timid, shy, and very quiet. They usually keep to themselves and the only time Gladio actually gets to see them is in the Citadel, during his lunch break. Gladio can’t really explain why he’s so drawn to his crush’s quiet nature, but he knows he wants to see them smile. Preferably from reacting positively to something he did for them. So at first, he’d approach his crush with all the confidence in the world- chest out, shoulders back and head held up high. However, he’d tone it down the moment he realises his crush is having trouble getting their words out amidst his confident aura. After trying his best to get a conversation out of his crush, he’d casually make up and excuse to exit the situation- not because he thinks they are weird, but simply because he can see how uncomfortable his crush is in his presence.

Feeling a little sad about the train wreck that was his first conversation with his adorably shy crush, Gladio would head home after a long day of work and brainstorm some ideas that would help him get close to his crush without scaring them the way he did the first time. His first idea is to casually bring up the weather and talk about how great it is outside- he then plans to invite his crush outside to take a walk with him. Alas, it is pouring buckets the next day and Gladio has to make something up on the spot when he spots his crush ducking between two boisterous members of the Crownsguard to get to their usual lunch spot. Gladio would probably feel a little nervous since he’s not used to dealing with overly shy people- but his crush is totally worth all the mental pain he’s gone through!

Gladio would quietly take a seat opposite of his crush and patiently sit, waiting for his crush to speak first. That way, his crush would be in control of the situation. Eventually, his crush acknowledges Gladio by pushing half of their sandwich towards him, averting their eyes as they shyly chew on their own half. Gladio would not be able to help the smirk that forms on his lips as he leans forward onto the table.

“So, you do like me as much as I like you! You could have fooled me, the way you carried on last time. It was cute though. You’re really cute.” Gladio would end, his deep gravelly voice tender and soft. His crush would smile shyly through bites of their sandwich and murmur quietly in response.

“I like you too- you noticed me when no one else did. I’m really glad you told me how you feel.”

Ignis: Ignis, being the perceptive guy he is, would handle confessing to a shy and timid crush in a better way than the other chocobros. He’d observe his crush from afar and take note of situations or particular environmental conditions that gave his crush any particular trouble. Honestly speaking though, he finds his crushes blushes and awkward attempts at small talk around others extremely endearing. Personally, he cannot wait to see his crush standing flustered before him. But that image could wait- he would want to make sure his crush would accept his confession with grace.

So he does sweet, passive things that drop clues to his crush about his feelings towards them. Of course, these passive things include anonymous love notes which contained a simply few lines about the traits he adores about his crush. They also include random packages of baked goods and surprise lunches left in his crush’s locker. Ignis kind of enjoy the whole ordeal- he’s secretly a raging romantic and had wanted to try doing something selflessly sweet for his beloved whenever he got the chance to. Efforts towards passively wooing his crush were the perfect opportunity to act out his innocent romantic fantasies (his not-so-innocent romantic fantasies would have to wait till later in his potential relationship with his crush).

After a few weeks of sending his crush sweet love notes and delicious food, Ignis would purposely arrive at his crush’s locker at the same time they did. Face to face with his shy crush, Ignis wouldn’t be able to help the feint blush that would rise up his neck, not quite reaching his cheeks. He’d adjust his glasses, suddenly feeling nervous (what if his crush out right rejected him, thinking he was a sick, creepy individual who liked to watch people from afar?), and then bravely go for the plunge.

In a steady voice: “So, it appears the jig is up, dearest. What say you and I have a nice lunch together today? I’ve made stew, and I have some muffins ready for dessert.”

After a few moments of silence between Ignis and his crush, his crush would shyly smile up at him and nod.

“I would really love that, Ignis. See you then.”

And score! Smooth operator Ignis scores himself a date with his shy and timid crush!