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last time la luna par jooka5000
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Slowly I picked my camera from the bag and took this photograph of the pilot approaching U-Wing Starfighter. It was a moment that was gone in a second as pilot went to his business. A magic moment, I thought afterwards. So soon, just after you’ve gone, my senses sharpen and it took so damn long to realize, i’ve could sneak in to that Starfighter and look out this planet from the space. Oh, well! Sometimes the simplest scenes you photograph between the key sessions are the golden ones.

Kancolle Set Build

Since my Kancolle nendoroid collection seems to keep growing, I decided to make a little diorama to display them in! Since it was a lot of fun to make I took a few photos of the process of building it.

Along with using it for display, the set should definitely come in handy for photo stuff when the other kongou sisters arrive. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!

Kongou helps to construct the wainscoting for the set. Made out of colored paper, I used two shades of brown to give a sense of depth.

Windows are cut! Foamcore is great stuff to work with when doing stuff like this. I pasted on some textured paper to give the walls an off white color & some added texture.

Window trim and wainscoting added, things are starting to come together!

Since this will only be viewed from the inside, what the outside looks like doesn’t matter too much. Window panes are added by taping strips of paper to the outside, then a translucent paper is taped over for diffusing light

With the walls put together, it’s starting to look like an actual room! The wood floor is achieved by using textured paper.

Kongou approves!

As time moves on I’ll work on adding various accessories to make it more home like. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future for photography!