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BLM New Mexico – with offices in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas – recently announced the winners of their annual employee photo contest. A few of our favorites are featured here; click photos for employee names and titles.

Visit the BLM New Mexico Flickr to view all contest winners.

New Beginnings #ShuttaMission

The new is always exciting. Scary or encouraging, new things always arouses curiosity. New insane adventures in places you always wanted to discover, new funky friends with whom to talk about conquering the world, or new friends that will turn into lovers, new items you always thought you need, new makeovers which make you feel prettier than ever and new resolutions that become challenges.

Do you want a new job? Say bye to your current one! New clothes? Empty your closet now! If we want big new things to come to our life, we must leave space saying bye to the old ones first. 

Capture all this revolution with Shutta, and let’s start 2017 with the right foot by posting your best photos inside the New Beginnings #ShuttaMission for the chance to win an awesome Marshall Acton Black speaker! Hurry up, there’s just one week left!


A little morning pick-me-up!

Bureau of Land Management California recently held its first-ever employee photo contest.  Employees from across the state submitted over 500 photos in 9 categories.  Winners will be announced soon and posted here.

Enjoy a few of our favorite wildlife submissions (click photos for credits).    



Today, we share a few of our favorite shots from BLM Nevada’s annual photo contest. See more amazing outdoor photography on BLM Nevada’s Flickr.


Captivating Winners of the 2016 World Press Photo Contest

The winners of the 59th annual World Press Photo Contest were recently announced, and this year’s collection of stunning entries showcases an amazing variety of humanity across the globe. Each year, the World Press Photo Foundation collects the most powerful images that summarize some of the global events that dominated the news over the past 12 months. With 82,951 entries submitted by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries the array of imagery is staggering, each photograph a breathtaking example of the ability that photography has to communicate moments of humanity.


BLM Wyoming Announces Winners of First Employee Photo Contest

This summer, BLM Wyoming hosted its first employee photo contest, and employees from across the state responded! A panel of judges selected winners from over 170 photos in three categories: Living in Wyoming, Playing in Wyoming, and Working in Wyoming.

Today, we share a few of our favorite shots – click photos for descriptions and photographers.  View all photos on the BLM Wyoming Flickr page.