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I’ve wanted to collaborate with Kendra @whereness for a long time. These photos (Kendra’s on top, mine on bottom) are the result of a conversation she and I had about the photographer Todd Hido and how much we both love his style and technique.  This is our first Hido-inspired photo set.

“To me it is no mystery that we can only photograph effectively what we are truly interested in or—maybe more importantly—are grappling with. Often unconsciously.”
- Todd Hido

Your heart is hurting.
Somebody has wronged you- WE are sorry.
Something has brought you so down
that you wish to inflict your pain on others
because it’s too much for you to take, alone-
WE are sorry.

Sitting on your couch wearing shades
while you spread black ink to people
who don’t deserve the hate

won’t make things right.

You’ll go to bed tonight
and the feelings will keep crawling on your skin
because you haven’t faced them just yet.

So leave your sexual, twisted thoughts in your mind- they’re not wanted.
Leave your negative criticism based on nothing,
at the door- it’s not wanted.
Leave your disdain for people who are loved and respected to yourself- it’s not wanted.

If you’re not asked, if you don’t have anything good to say,
just don’t say anything at all.

You wear a mask so it’s easy for you to bully others,
but why don’t you take it off and reach out?

More can be solved with love than you think possible.

Everyone deserves to be loved
everyone deserves to be respected
even if
you don’t feel this to be true
we are all

you are me as I am you

we must move forward
we can’t go back
yet, somewhere along the line
somehow got off track

WE are all
of this Earth
we ALL matter
no matter
what you may think you’re worth

WE must love and respect
each other

And YOU must find it
in your heart
to do both

Photography by: @inrumford
Poem by: @denmysterywoman & @inrumford

This piece is a collaboration created by writers and photographers from around the world. We each photographed and wrote about the beauty of our homeland. There are 14 photos, from 9 countries, and all 6 of the inhabited continents. Friends separated by 1000s of miles worked together to show that the world, in all its variety, with all its differences, truly is beautiful!

World of Beauty 

Sprinkled hoarfrost beautifies all it touches.
Icy air highlights the silence.
I stop, imagine, forget the madness,
Realize the beauty, the wonder,
and dream to keep it for eternity.

Always I thought I dreamed to see
A land that was as strange as me,
It then came clear, I am a part
Of this strange land inside my heart.

Through the woods we go,
Called by our magical land,
Where past belles still dance.

The beauty of this place
is given nature’s grace
with snow and wonders
I stand face-to-face

Sunlight through murky layers of cloud
scatters diffused light on the ground.
Winds when blow, leaves they rustle
far away from city’s hustle and bustle.

A bay, docked with boats,
Brisk air demands, people grab their coats.
A city filled with so much beauty,
Bound by a sense of honor and duty.

Displayed under broken skies
passed without a second thought
so unlike our to and from
worlds hidden within worlds

The world barely knows this side of you;
The majestic mountains, crashing shores.
Winds blow ever constant,
Weather always perfect.
One day we’ll see each other, once again.

You rhyme everything you write.
Colors are your favorite tools.
When you speak,
Melodies are all you know.

No matter how much
I wished to drown,
you’ve always pushed
me towards the shore.

And your stones
Neon gems
Still allow
Roots to take hold

Glacial erractics
Mysterious survivors of an age of ice
Our forests, fields and hearths are lined with the bones of your mountains
The New World grew up around them

Soft plantations
Asunder from the civil? No. Enraged
Emeralds border the black stone.
Oh your harsh tropical light, and your
contrasts Abounding

@lyricsbylittle - Stanza 1; Photo 11; Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Poland 

@ellenya - Stanza 2; Photo 3; Wodonga, Australia 

@uniquelykalene - Stanza 3; Photo 5; Louisiana, (US) 

@mycosmicbackyard - Stanza 4; Photo 12;  Bærum Rykkinn, Norway

@sonador-reveur - Stanza 5; Photo 2; India

@temen-ni-gru666 - Stanza 6; Photo 7; Boston, MA (US)

@cruxymox - Stanza 7; Photo 8; Concord, MA (US)

@mortalghost - Stanza 8; Photo 6; Colombia, S.A.

@behind-the-sun - Stanza 9; Photo 13; Egypt 

@torrentialmonsoon - Stanza 10; Photo 9; Ontario, Canada 

@just-4-thought - Stanza 11; Photo 1; Kentucky (US)

@behindthelastdoor - Stanza 12; Photo 14; New England (US)

@viridian-goose - Stanza 13; Photo 4; Florida (US)

@xxmcmcx - Photo 10; Okinawa, Japan


Collab between me and the incredibly amazing @wordrummager. I don’t believe that a Photography/Poetry collab has ever been done so we thought it would be fun to try it. It was pretty challenging but I think it turned out great. I have a great amount of admiration for wordrummagers writing and photography and she is just an all around amazing person, so it was a lot of fun but also a true honor. Below is the transcript if it is too difficult to read on the photos. She has the italics and started off the prompt with the first photo/stanza. Enjoy!

Where the pull of memory
Spills like summer
Tasting of fresh green
Amongst steam and rust visions

The burning of the lock
All colors from rusted box
Until the painful thoughts flee
From heat and wrought

Almost afraid to look
Beyond a muddy edge
Where shimmery machinery stirs
The known and the forgotten

Headstrong to battle ‘gainst time
Combating the thirst of hateful savage
When the tried blow was painfully struck
Your mind bended knee to ravage

The pull of long-forgotten
tenderness remains strong
Within each sinew and sigh,
renewal, awaiting eager fields

Oh how sad,to have shattered the glass
To dusty home and splintered headboard
Where the glow of tomorrow, still snowflakes of sorrow
A long forgotten kingdom with tainted Lord

A lusty yell to a rusty beam
Pushes love into air thick with summer
And lightens lungs heavy
With want of remembered touch

My breath narrowly escapes, first as only a whisper
To blow away the wishes of the night
Towards forever and eternity’s delight
Oh, what a sight
 All these strands  
Of falling light


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