photography by shannon

Could y'all do me a favor? 🙏🏻

So as some of y'all know, I might get to intern at a book publisher this summer. I interviewed with them on Friday and they said they were interested in me maybe running their social media accounts and being their photographer in addition to me helping them out with editing.

They asked for my social media handles, and they’re particularly interested in my photography Instagram that I just recently started, @shannonbosticphotography.

But here’s the thing: I only have 19 followers on that account ☹️ it would look really good if I had somewhat of a following on that account, especially if they’re looking at me as a photographer.

I really really really want this internship and IT WOULD HELP ME OUT SO MUCH IF YALL FOLLOWED THAT INSTA ACCOUNT 😭💕

Thank you guys!! I LOVE YALL.