photography bucket list

Rakotz bridge - Kromlau, Germany

Though it appears to be medieval, this bridge was built in the 1860′s. Its reflection in the river below creates the illusion of a full circle bridge, regardless of where you are viewing it from. The bridge itself is made from basalt and boulders, and sits in a a picturesque rhododendron park, that comes into full bloom in May. The bridge is the most popular attraction in Kromlau, and is a favourite of photographers. 

Tukad Unda Dam - Bali, Indonesia 

Located on one of Bali’s major rivers, the Tukad Unda Dam is a great place to meet the Balinese locals. Families from nearby towns and villages come to the river to bathe and wash their clothes. The children also enjoying playing and having water fights in the dam. Considered one of the most picturesque locations in Bali, the dams cascades also provide a great setting for photography.


Stunning aurora over the White Mountains National Recreation Area, north of Fairbanks, Alaska.  

It was interesting to see how dynamic and fickle the display was, going from a dim glow to bright dancing molten light pouring from the skies in a matter of 30 seconds.  I have never seen or photographed anything in the night sky that compares!

-Photos this week by Bob Wick, BLM Wilderness Specialist

List of 105 Things That I Want To Do With My Future Partner

1. Dye each other’s hair
2. Watch movies in matching boxers
3. Get a dog
4. Buy each other cute little things
5. Eat goldfish and talk at 3am
6. Babysit
7. Eat an ice cream cone together
8. Pick each other’s outfits
9. Dance to our favorite songs
10. Listen to a loooooot of vinyls and have a huge vinyl collection
11. Tattoos
12. Tattoo each other
13. Make crappy art together
14. Go to art galleries
15. Become Plant parents
16. Have me steal all of their clothes
17. Take candid pictures of each other (even if we both hate them all)
18. Tea parties
19. Wear matching outfits
20. Buy matching big spoon little spoon onesies
21. Watch lifetime movies together and make fun of the crazy people in them
22. Watch my fav soap operas
23. Watch their favorite movies and tv shows
24. Bake cookies etc
25. SEX ON THE BEACH or in a pool idk sounds fun
26. Adventure out in my backyard
27. Lay out in the field by my house and talk and cloud watch/stargaze
28. Dress up like Rapunzel and Flynn
29. Dress up like an old couple and go out in public
30. Get one of those double bikes and ride it like EVERYWHERE
31. Create mixtape together
32. Create mixtape for each other
33. Have long meaningful talks while also respecting each other’s differing opinions
34. talk about our dreams/life dreams etc.
35. Go to the park
36. Go fishing
37. Climb roofs and watch the clouds/stars
38. Walk around downtown
39. Hide love notes for each other
40. Moonlit walks
41. Have a utility van and put a mattress in there to watch clouds/stars and to also have a lot of sex
42. Buy flowers for each other
43. Watch the sunset/sunrise
44. Go to Disney World
45. Road trip across the country
46. Play video games
47. Draw each other
48. Have them help me roller skate
49. Go to theme parks/fairs and eat cotton candy
50. Win stuffed animals for each other
51. Picnics like all the time
52. Get massively drunk together
53. Have sex whilst drunk
54. Go to Washington state and Oregon
55. See our favorite bands
56. Play paint twister (and then have sex ooooppppsss)
57. play with each other’s hair
58. Make blanket forts and watch movies and sleep in it and do other stuff ;))
59. People watch
60. Strip games
61. Scavenger hunts & bucket lists
62. Talk about what we want from the future
63. Look for our dream house(s)
64. Go thrift shopping
65. Fly kites
66. Wash our cars
67. Go fruit picking
68. Go to an arcade and play games and try to win the crane game with the stuffed animals
69. Make wishes in a fountain together/11:11 wishes
70. Climb trees and just sit there
71. Take dance classes
72. Go to the movies
73. Watch all of the romantic comedies ever created
74. Recreate iconic couple movie scenes (cartoon and real)
75. Take showers/baths together
76. Make fluffy slime
77. Dance in the rain
78. Pick out candles together
79. Not wear underwear and see how they react
80. Piggy back rides
82. Release lanterns/see a bunch of lanterns in the sky
83. Hang up glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
84. Go to the beach on the 4th of July
85. Jump in leaf piles
86. Watch the twilight movies together
87. Start a band
88. Solve puzzles
89. Go on vacations together
90. Replicate first dates
91. Snuggle with soft blankets and lots of pillows
92. Go to ikea
93. Travel to new places
94. Swing in a hammock
95. Go to an aquarium
96. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
97. Play the game of life together as a team
98. Go to a planetarium/Talk about space
99. Move in together
100. Drive to random places and go to stores etc. you’ve never been in
101. Bonfire/watch movie(s) outside
102. Have a lot of sex in a lot of places
103. Back rubs and mindlessly trace patterns on each other
104. Polaroid collection
105. Do volunteer type work (i.e. hold premature babies/babies going through drug withdrawals, walk dogs at our local humane society, etc.)
(via: @riven-anathema on tumblr)