photographing one phone with another phone feels pretty dumb let me tell you

Anon requested a day off with Minghao scenario which is full of fluff

Minghao is beaming ear to ear when he opens the door for you, and before you can even say hello, he sweeps you into a hug.

“Woah, hi,” you gasp a little breathlessly as he squeezes you tight. “Someone’s excited!”

“I missed you,” he whispers. “I’ve been too busy for too long.”

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A Fan Throws Herself At Him

Harry: “I’m going to stop and take pictures, okay?” You nod and squeeze his hand tightly before letting go and allowing Preston to escort you into the lobby. The crowd out front was small enough for Harry to manage on his own. As soon as the hush of the hotel consumes you though, a loud scream comes from back outside causing you to turn around. Your eyes focus on Harry as well as the girl that had latched herself onto him. Her arms were tightly around his neck as she continued to squeeze. “Preston,” you call out, and he turns away from the front desk attendant to look at you. You nod in Harry’s direction and Preston shakes his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” you tell him and a smile forms on his face; he had seen your work before. You walk back out the lobby doors and stand at the top of the stairs, looking down at the group of girls surrounding him, glaring at the one attached to his neck. “Okay, love,” Harry breathes, trying his best to give the girl the hint to let go without actually having to have someone pull her off. You shake your head as she ignores his request and you storm down the stairs, the eyes of the group focusing on you. “Get off!” You shout, grabbing the girl’s arms and forcing them away from Harry. He steps back, taking in the air he had missed while being in the chokehold, but is quickly by your side once he realizes your hands are still gripping the girl’s arms. “Let go,” he says softly in your ear as you continue to glare at her. You thrust her arms away from you causing her to stumble backwards. She looks down at her arms, rubbing the red marks you had left. “You touch him again and I will leave more than marks on yours arms,” you threaten, your eyes staring deep into her. Harry’s hand quickly finds you waist, pulling you to him, both of you now heading up the stairs to the lobby. “Glad I didn’t have to come out there,” Preston acknowledges having watched the whole altercation from the lobby. “Next time,” you begin, your glare now turning to Harry’s security, “Next time he goes out those doors you better be by his side. I don’t want that bitch anywhere near him. Do you hear me?” Preston nods his head. You weren’t that intimidating but he knew that if he let the girl even look at Harry, you would be the biggest pain in the ass for the rest of your visit. “I’m not apologizing,” you say out loud once the elevator doors had closed with only you and Harry inside. “No one expects you to,” he informs you, his hands find their way to your waist as he pulls you into him. “I don’t like people crawling on you,” you inform him; something he already knew. “I know you don’t.” “And I promise you Harry, if she’s out there when we go back out for dinner, I will hit her.” He chuckles under his breath at your anger, still holding on tight. “You aren’t going to hit her,” he says in your ear as the doors open and the two of you walk out. “I might,” you respond playfully, letting him know your anger was subsiding. “Well if Preston knows what’s good for him she won’t even be out there when we have to leave.” “Exactly,” you reply, a wide and accomplished smile stretching across your face.

Liam: You had expected this from New York; crowds everywhere. Of course they were all surrounding you though, all wanting their one moment with your boyfriend. You would never get used to this part of his life. You didn’t want to get used to it. You hated this part. The crowd listens as Liam asks them to please give the two of you space, promising to take pictures with them if they oblige. As everyone takes a few steps back one girl comes hurling in his direction, knocking into him which in turn knocks you into everyone else behind you, the coffee in your hand spilling down your shirt. “Are you serious!?” You shout, regaining your balance and shooting a glare at the young girl. “I’m sorry, they pushed me,” she laments, already on the verge of tears after being faced with your serious stare. “Whatever,” you scold, rolling your eyes. “Babe,” Liam responds, looking over at you as if to say ‘give her a break’. “Really Liam? We can’t even come outside without these people constantly around us and then you give in and stop for them and looks what it’s caused.” “It wasn’t her fault,” Liam continues, sticking up for the girl that had fallen into him. “Whatever Liam,” you say as you storm through the crowd, deciding to walk back to the hotel by yourself. “I’m sorry guys, I have to go,” Liam says, following after you. He quickly catches up to you, his hand grabbing at your elbow to slow you down. “Get off,” you say, pulling away from him. “Where are you going?” He asks, keeping his pace with yours. “Back to the hotel.” “You were going to walk all the way back to the hotel?” “It’s better than being swarmed by dumb children.” Your tone was harsh, proving to him just how upset you were with the events that had just transpired. “They aren’t dumb, you just aren’t used to how they act.” Liam was trying his best to get you to understand his situation. “I shouldn’t have to get used to that!” You shout in the middle of the sidewalk, stopping your march to the hotel to face him. “I shouldn’t have to give up the very little time that I have with you here to a bunch of sixteen year olds! How is that fair to me? And if you’re going to pull the ‘you have me at home’ bullshit, I don’t want to hear it. I came over here to be with you, not them.” He sighs heavily as you walk away from him, knowing that if he follows you would only give him another earful. Once back at the hotel, you pull your coffee stained shirt off, finding one of Liam’s to slip on in its place. You had woken up with the feeling in your stomach that today was not going to be a good day. You had wanted to stay in, but Liam had insisted that going out wouldn’t be as bad as you thought. Now look. Look where you were. Back at the hotel, alone. This was not how visiting him in America was supposed to go. You don’t want to but your brain takes you back to the huddle you had left nearly an hour ago now. Before the ‘incident’ you remember looking around and seeing just how happy the girls in the group were just to be standing around Liam. No matter how hard Liam tried to convince you, you would never understand their madness. However, seeing how happy they were just to be in his presence was somewhat touching. You reach for your phone before taking a deep breath in and opening Twitter. “(Y/T/N): I will never understand the insanity that is his life” You post first. “(Y/T/N): and to the girl in the park today I’m sorry” You follow up with, knowing it wasn’t much, but it was all you could do now.

Niall: Meet and Greets were always fun to watch. You never got tired of seeing Niall’s smiling face when he got the chance to meet new people. You sit in a chair off to the side, out of the way of the photographer, waiting for the small group of fans to be let in the room. The boys were always the last to arrive to things like this so you would be the first to see what this group had to offer. You turn to see the group file in, quietly chattering amongst themselves. It’s then that you spot her; easily the smallest one in the group. You can’t help but smile as what looks to be her mother filing in behind her. You reckon her to be around five or six, clearly younger than everyone else. You look at her closer to see your boyfriend’s face stretched across the front of her tiny shirt, his name painted on her cheeks with little red hearts on either side. “I’ll be right back,” you tell Paddy, getting up from your place at the edge of the room and walking over to the group. You smile at the girls as their eyes lock on you, their whispers getting louder as they begin to recognize you. “Excuse me?” You begin, standing beside the girl you had noticed from the start. She looks away from her mom and up to you, her eyes growing wide as she realizes who you are. “Can I sit here?” You ask, pointing to the empty seat beside her and the other girls in the group  get louder with your actions. She nods her head and you smile as you take a seat beside her. “So who is your favorite?” You ask once the room had quieted down. “Niall,” she answers shyly but with a smile. “Really?” You respond playfully, “I couldn’t tell.” “You’re his girlfriend,” she acknowledges. “You’re right, I am.” “You’re really lucky,” she continues. “I am,” you agree. The room gets louder as the doors at the front open up, revealing Paul and the boys. You watch as she stands from her seat to see Niall walk in the room. As Paul gives the group instructions you lean down to give your own to the little girl. “Get in the back of the line,” you tell her with a smile, and she nods. “And watch the left knee, you know, when you tackle him.” You wink and stand from your seat, making your way back across the room, smiling at Niall as you passed. You waited patiently as the girls got up to meet the group a few at a time. You keep sending small thumbs up to the girl who had placed herself in the back of the group like you had said. When it was her turn to go up a wide smile forms on your face. Your phone is out and recording as she runs past the chairs, latching onto Niall’s right leg, nearly knocking him down. “I love you Niall,” she says, squeezing tightly. He pulls her from his leg, and up into his arms. “I love you too,” he responds, bringing her in for a hug. You get up from your chair as the photographer begins to take pictures. “Wait, one more,” you request, making sure Niall doesn’t put the little girl down just yet. You nod after snapping your own picture of the group, walking back to your seat. “She’s really pretty,” the little girl says to Niall, still sitting in his arms. “She’s really nice too.” He smiles and nods in agreement with her before giving her a kiss on the cheek and putting her down.

Louis: Chinese takeway was always better the second day. You sit on the couch, the just warmed up sweet and sour chicken from last night in your lap as a rerun of Top Gear plays on the television. As your phone begins to ring, you roll your eyes, not wanting to break your attention from your delicious leftovers. “Yes?” You answer Stan’s call. “Is Louis home yet?” He questions. “No,” you respond, not thinking much of his question. “Shit,” he says under his breath. “Why?” Your interest suddenly sparking. “Well things got a little out of hand at the Rovers game today,” he reveals. “What do you mean got a little out of hand?” You inquire. Just then the door opens and Louis walks through into the house. “He just walked in,” you inform Stan and hang up the phone. You get up off of the couch, setting your box of food on the coffee table before walking over to him. As you approach you notice that his Rover’s jersey had been ripped and that his bottom lip was cut badly. “Oh my god!” You say in astonishment at the condition he had come home in. “What happened to you?” You ask, immediately examining the damage to his face. “There were a lot more fans at the game than we expected,” he begins. “A fan did this to you?” You question, stunned he had allowed someone’s actions to get this far. “A few,” he responds. “Are you kidding me?” You says, turning him around to reveal the ruined jersey he had sported all the way back home. “Your jersey is trash,” you tell him. He shakes his head, having made that realization a while ago. “Why didn’t you stop them?” You continue to question, heading to the kitchen to get a wet paper towel and some ice for his lip. “Well it’s kind of hard to stop them when it was just me and there was a whole group of them.” “You didn’t have security with you?” “Since when did I ever need security at a game?” He inquires, taking the ice from you. “Okay, so one ripped your shirt, what about your lip? How did that happen?” He pulls the ice back so you can look at the damage. “Some girl’s head,” he reveals. “She head-butted you?!” You shout in shock. “No! Well yeah, sort of, but not on purpose. At least I don’t think it was on purpose.” “Does it hurt?” “Hell yeah, it hurts,” he says, the cut on his lip being pretty significant. “This is ridiculous,” you remark, “People need to get their heads out of their asses are start acting like they know what the hell is going on.” You look over at him and his face is calm. Why wasn’t he more angry? Angry like you. You were sure he had been furious at the stadium, but you assumed the ride back from Doncaster had allowed him plenty of time to cool off. Regardless of how he was taking the situation you were still furious. “When is the next game?” You inquire, going over to the calendar on the refrigerator to check the dates. “Next Saturday,” he informs you. “I’m going,” you tell him, giving him not option to object. “You don’t need to do that,” he tries instead. “Look at you Louis! You’ve got a busted mouth and your brand new jersey is ruined. I’m going. And I dare someone to lay a hand on you.” He laughs at your determination, patting your hand with his. “Whatever you say babe,” he remarks before walking up the stairs to wash off the drama and teenage girl the day had presented him with.   

Zayn: “Oh. My. God.” You say, your hand finding your mouth quickly as you watch the livestream of an award show broadcasting in Spain. The boys were up for a few awards in the music and style categories so you settled in to see what was going to happen. They were being interviewed now. All five dressed in their usual style, lined up across your computer screen.  You took a moment to take in Zayn’s look. He had went over the options Caroline had given him with you earlier in the week and by the looks of it had gone with the opposite of everything you had said you liked on him; typical Zayn. You review the rest of the boy’s looks, shaking your head at Harry’s unbuttoned-button up, and get back to the interview. This wasn’t like any interview you had ever seen them do though, especially for a red carpet event such as this. The livestream host had a few contest winners with her, each one with the opportunity to ask their own question to the boys. The principal seemed normal, you had seen this format before, but when the last girl strutted up in front of the camera you knew this interview was about to get interesting. You watch as she stumbles to Zayn’s side. Was she drunk? “Hey Zayn,” she begins, her hands immediately finding the buttons on his shirt. Was she trying to undress him? The answer to your question was ‘yes’, yes, she was drunk. Oh, and yes she was trying to undress him in front of what you assumed to be a livestream with hundreds of thousands of people watching on the other end. You have to stifle your laugh as you watch your boyfriend awkwardly try to handle the situation. Hopeless, you know. He was awkward, sure, but that only meant he was even more unequipped to handle this girl. As he finally pricks off the last of her fingers from his buttons she begins to rub her face along the length of his arm. It was a good thing she wasn’t wearing much makeup, or you would have been livid at him bringing that Armani suit back home with foundation all over it. You can’t hold your laughter back this time as the rest of the boys try their best to remain professional; Louis facing in the complete opposite direction knowing this was the only way he would be able to not laugh in this poor girl’s face. “What’s your question?” Harry asks, hoping to speed this process up. “My question…” she begins, her arm finding its way around Zayn’s waist. “My question is for Zayn.” “Go figure,” you and Louis both say at the same time, he still facing the other direction and you shaking your head at this mess of a girl. “What…is your favorite position?” She blurts out, and the boy’s faces all fall. Louis turns around to watch this play out. “Okay!” The host calls out as the show’s producer reaches for the girl that was still holding onto Zayn. “I love you baby!” She shouts as she is being pulled away, wiggling away long enough to plant a large red kiss nearly on his mouth. He shakes his head and you burst out laughing. This could not be happening. That was either a nightmare or the best interview you have ever witnessed in your life. The host apologizes repeated as Paul instructs the boys to move on down the carpet. You reach for your phone to text Zayn, ‘So…what is your favorite position ;)’, letting him know you had seen the entire thing.

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Texting Blunders
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst/Fluff
Word Count: Approx 2400
Summary: Aomine learns the hard way just how easy it is to misinterpret text messages from Kise.

Based off of this prompt and partially inspired by this song.
A/N: Since our muses started off their relationship with text messages, I thought this was appropriate. :D This was supposed to be posted for the muses’ official one year anniversary on 01/30/15, but it’s a little late because I’m a shit who can’t stop procrastinating. I hope you enjoy the fluffy anyway. ;D

Always for this pos, the Kise to my Aho.

On AO3.

It’s a funny thing, going from friends to something else, something more confusing, more overwhelming, just… more.

When it starts, Aomine isn’t sure what it is exactly; he feels odd and awkward and suddenly more self conscious when Kise is around, and Aomine Daiki doesn’t get odd, awkward, or self conscious. Kise seems just as oblivious to it then as he does now. Except now, Kise is more popular with both girls and guys and Aomine really has a hard time accepting the random times he feels like he wants to punch something whenever he’s forced to be around it.

It used to be that his world consisted of two things: basketball and his impressive collection of gravure magazines. He can handle those things, the easy things. He’s learned to live in his bubble perfectly happy with his limited scope of interests. And then one day, Kise Ryouta isn’t just his friend, isn’t just someone he plays one on one with when he needs something more challenging than whatever drills Imayoshi has him doing during practice. Suddenly, Kise Ryouta becomes Kise Ryouta, and Aomine feels a little dizzy and maybe a little sick when he realizes that maybe he doesn’t mind the change at all.

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Everyone Pines and Angsts (The antepenultimate part of Bucky's Gay Epiphany - I hope)

Hey remember when this was a one-off 1500 word ficlet?

Previous parts:

Summary: This is the bit where everyone’s really unhappy. Don’t worry, it gets better. Just… not quite yet.

Also… yeah, sorry Sam.

Warnings: um… general emotional fucked-upness.

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