Geisha with a Camera 1920s by Blue Ruin 1

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<br />Rather ironically this postcard is somewhat grainy and out of focus
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Name: Hannah
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m Hannah. I just recently moved to a new city, much different than my previous home in a rural land. I’m a photographer, I enjoy photographing people and places. I’m an adventurer at heart, I could very well live on the road if I could afford it. Words and images inspire me, when the winds blow heavy it makes me feel alive; so typically I leave my windows rolled down in my Jeep. I enjoy painting, drawing, all things artsy. I love dogs (I have a husky/wolf mix). Coffee keeps me breathing. I like meeting people, learning their stories, their quirks that make them, them. I’m looking for a penpal in hopes for a friend.

Preferences: No preference, preferably someone similar age & interests.