photographic slide


To show myself I’m constantly evolving I like to change, like the sky does every 15 minutes after sunset; very subtle. I want to transition, like dawn to sunrise and sunset to dusk. To show myself I  constantly feel I like to think of myself as light. The remnants of light before dusk or light peaking from the horizon at dawn. The lights inside houses and buildings that reads, there’s someone inside. The light inside your head that makes you come to full circles, the very same light that makes you feel like you have it all figured out. I like to think I have it figured out, but that’s just a concept.

concepts, 2016.

journal entries by Jerrod La Rue.

What does the Queen love more than corgis? Headscarves. (Just kidding, there’s nothing she loves more than corgis, but headscarves come pretty close)

Click to see a photographic exploration of her royal highness’s regal head gear.