photographic moratorium


Each week, we ascend into an ivory tower to deign which photographic clichés should be banished from the world forever. This week:

Uh oh! Look out photographic establishment, somebody just subverted the traditional idea of a “portrait!”

If you guys are so over photography that you feel like you have to do this, maybe you just shouldn’t be taking any photos at all.

So stop. Please.

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I remember when it was only urinal cake-chewing jocks and trainee bulimics who harbored an unhealthy obsession with vomit. Alas, now it seems you lot have caught the bug too.

Which is a shame. Because guess what bugs lead to: vomit!

And this, apparently, leads to a plethora of photographs of your last dinner plastered all over the internet, which none of us need to see.

Please stop it.