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We are celebrating two years of #Blackout creating visibility for Black creatives.

Allow us to introduce you to @trapdisco, the talent behind @petragraphy.

Petra, on her work and journey: 

“I’m Petra Shrieves, a 20 year old, self taught, New York City based photographer. I was born and raised in the city, and though it’s an art filled place, I didn’t become fully invested in photography or art at all until I was 15. During my tough times in high school, I turned to my camera, and thus, Petragraphy was born. Petragraphy is the balance of reality and surrealism, the dream state that clings to you when you’re on the brink of waking, Petragraphy is the vision so many artists are afraid of. In a world filled with forced minimalism, I only want to inspire those to find the color. To seek out the vibrancy in life and share it with the rest of the world.”

We salute your talent and celebrate your Black Excellence Petra!

Follow her photography journey:


One Sun, One Shadow by Shane Lavalette

Five years ago, photographer Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to produce brand new photographs of the south, through his eyes, for their 2012 exhibition: Picturing the South.

Many of its images became part of Lavalette’s larger project-turned-monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, released in 2016. Highlighting the south’s elegant stillness and beauty, the book reflects a deep seeing and visual meditation into the essence of this region. 

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Spoilers maybe for Guardians of the Whills but…

More than a decade of reading fanfiction tells me this alone would be an excellent summary, before I remind myself I am in fact reading a junior novel and need to chill.

anonymous asked:

hc's for john where the reader is a photographer?

boss’ memo : artist + photographer = excellent ! =)

Originally posted by alexanderhxmiltrash

  • if you want to photograph him, you should first know that john is kind of camera shy. he won’t particularly mind you taking pictures of him provided you’re also in the shot,, if you ask him why, he’ll likely kiss your cheek and remark that you enhance every photo by at least 104 percent,,
    • you don’t think you’re photogenic? ah, neither does he ! but having someone he loves next to him always puts a smile on his face !
    • sometimes, if he’s feeling down, he’ll look over the photos that you’ve taken of the two of you,, it really helps, ‘cause it reminds him that you love him
  • at first, he’s pretty neutral on the whole thing. he’s never really liked or hated photos, except for the occasional self-consciousness when it comes to them. for the most part, it’ll come off that he’s tolerating your photography–not putting you down about it, but not really encouraging it either? of course, if you want criticism on it, he will tell you his honest feelings, but he won’t really go out of his way.
    • this will change later on, when he sees how passionate you are about it. if it makes you happy, it makes him happy too !! and you’ll start noticing that he’s going to nudge you if he sees something particularly cool while the two of you are outside,,
    • he’s been experiencing some art block lately, but you (you’re just inspiring, as a person) and the photos you take both help him out ! you motivate him to do his best!!
  • you both do “trades”, which usually consist of you taking a picture of something and john drawing (or painting, depending on how much energy he has that day) it out !
  • if you’re talking about composition or lighting, john is able to keep up ! 
    • one of the things that the two of you often find yourselves doing is watching movies on the couch together, and pausing the movie every five minutes to combine your concentrated salt about the framing, or the shaky cam, or the colors,,
  • it’s silly to watch the two of you walking together–you, with your camera equipment, and john with his art supplies,,

In all the silence of this weekend a very special thanks to @ponderation  @outwardboundmedia  Amy @my-shadow-box  and @blackandwhite–photos for showing my photographs on your wonderful blogs among all the excellent photographer. And, of course, thank you too to all the others who found my last pictures strong enough to find their way to you.


Ladrien by Padin Photography

Ladybug: @queentaiga
Adrien: @puzzling-turnabout

  It’s Ladrien June and that means bringing back more Ladrien photos ! For the longest time I didn’t have my Chat done, so most that we could do were Adrienette and Ladrien. No complaints though ! We’ve had two Ladrien shoots so far, and both were really fun to do. Padin is an excellent photographer, and if he’s doing shoots at a con near you, definitely hit him up ! 

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Today we turn 30. Along with making the conscious decision to both quit our jobs & pursue our dreams we’ve also taken away some valuable lessons as we enter our 4th decade. The seasoning that comes in the years between 20 & 30 is indispensable. It can’t be taught in any school or read in any book. As often as we remember, we try to be the women we want to be. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we lose sight of her. But, she always comes back. We’ve learned to cultivate important relationships. To water our flowers & pick our weeds. Fill ourselves with love, with whole foods, with books & good energy. Those are the things that are important. Learned, sometimes the hard way, to let people deal with their own shit. Not to internalize others issues or attempt to save them. People aren’t things to be rescued & repaired. We’re entitled to occupy as much space as we like with our awesomeness, & have become incredulous of anybody who tells us differently. The process of unlearning while simultaneously learning has been the most transforming of experiences in our lives. There’s a lot of rewiring and re-understanding that has to gradually take the place of everything we’ve been telling ourselves for so long. We deserve to occupy space. We deserve to stand up for ourselves & claim our right to happiness. We hope you do too.

One of the best Tumblr blogs for photography lovers, mpdrolet, was recently shut down due to two copyright claims made by the same person.

Mark Peter Drolet is an excellent photo editor, and has been sharing excellent photographs, exposing and promoting the work of photographers from around the world to his thousands of followers, and making our dashboards a beautiful place to spend time on.

Even if there was a copyright violation, we hope that this can be solved on a case by case basis, without having to delete mpdrolet’s archive altogether, and letting Mark keep on updating his Tumblr.

Please reblog this to ask the Tumblr staff to #BringMPDroletBack!