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We are celebrating two years of #Blackout creating visibility for Black creatives.

Allow us to introduce you to @trapdisco, the talent behind @petragraphy.

Petra, on her work and journey: 

“I’m Petra Shrieves, a 20 year old, self taught, New York City based photographer. I was born and raised in the city, and though it’s an art filled place, I didn’t become fully invested in photography or art at all until I was 15. During my tough times in high school, I turned to my camera, and thus, Petragraphy was born. Petragraphy is the balance of reality and surrealism, the dream state that clings to you when you’re on the brink of waking, Petragraphy is the vision so many artists are afraid of. In a world filled with forced minimalism, I only want to inspire those to find the color. To seek out the vibrancy in life and share it with the rest of the world.”

We salute your talent and celebrate your Black Excellence Petra!

Follow her photography journey:


One Sun, One Shadow by Shane Lavalette

Five years ago, photographer Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to produce brand new photographs of the south, through his eyes, for their 2012 exhibition: Picturing the South.

Many of its images became part of Lavalette’s larger project-turned-monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, released in 2016. Highlighting the south’s elegant stillness and beauty, the book reflects a deep seeing and visual meditation into the essence of this region. 

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These Ryan McGinley photographs were shot during a glacial New York winter, in which naked young things squirm and blossom amid acres of white.

McGinley prints these excellent photographs in studiously low resolution, which imbues the white of the snow and ice with strange chromatic variety. Near one of the Finger Lakes, an ecstatic model runs toward a waterfall frozen into pillars of ice. The blue snow beneath her bare feet is flecked with pixels of red, as if McGinley’s camera could not contain its grandeur.

30 days with Alex Høgh Andersen

Hope you girls liked my 30 days with Alex :)) I really enjoyed making posts for this adorable dork ;) 

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Finally got around to editing my coord photo from the Spring meet. Thanks @missmaiko for being the excellent comm photographer! 

Alice and the Pirates Harlequin Hat + the Mouse King Gualtiero Echarpe vest +  Arabesque Lame OTKs; Atelier Boz Aventi Pants; Innocent World Lace Sleeves Standing Collar blouse + Ribbon Loafer shoes; Jane Marple ring; Voodooodolly Bishop’s Blood ring; Moi Meme Moitie Gold Jewel Cross pendant; Dreamholic Toxic Unicorn boy wig, handmade mask + jabot + cuffs