photographic evidence of reality


Don’t you think if they were together there would be at leaat one pic? PR is so important to her. Somewhere I thought I read he was with some starkids. And it’s so quiet today.


The answer is maybe. I lean towards it being a staged evening where we were meant to believe they were together. Traci and Joe are always willing players and Traci knows posting a pic of Von Greasy gets her attention on her IG.  

And we are further to believe that Chris was at Zac’s birthday party with Will (and of course Ashley as she is always the babysitter) based on his comment on Zac’s IG (again no photographic evidence).  

But in reality, I believe, the boys got to celebrate Paddy’s Day together.

But the fact remains we can never say absolutely no.  She does posts some events exclusively to her private IG (that we all expect to be made public before this mess ends).  And some she reserves. Waits to post them until there is a dry spell and she desperately needs to prove how happy and in love they are!!!!!

Which is why I say maybe.