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     -I’ve been taking an introductory b/w film class. While I’ve certainly shot film before, this is the first time I’ve ever developed and printed my own film. It was an amazing experience! I don’t often use this space to brag, but I’m pretty darn proud of myself…

     …even if the photos aren’t that great (there’s the self deprecation you were looking for!). ;)

anonymous asked:

With regards to Elsewhere Uni - there was an ask a while back talking about darkroom photographers capturing the Fair Folk's true forms and the Fair Folk being the ones who ended up most disturbed by that. I was wondering, would they also be uncomfortable with art students drawing them? Because drawn/painted portraits can be altered with flattery in mind, would they like posing for an art student who had the Sight?

They don’t like being pinned down in any kind of concrete way - by nature they’re fluid in appearance and often in form, their desires change on a dime’s turn, and they lose interesting in things as suddenly as they gain it. To be in some way caught forever entirely stationary and stagnant is an unsettling, alien concept. Because of this, they’re loath to appear in photographs or realistic drawings (although more abstract work is open to interpretation); it’s also why they take such umbrage at bio/psyche majors trying to put them into neat boxes and uncover the why and how of them.