photographic darkroom

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With regards to Elsewhere Uni - there was an ask a while back talking about darkroom photographers capturing the Fair Folk's true forms and the Fair Folk being the ones who ended up most disturbed by that. I was wondering, would they also be uncomfortable with art students drawing them? Because drawn/painted portraits can be altered with flattery in mind, would they like posing for an art student who had the Sight?

They don’t like being pinned down in any kind of concrete way - by nature they’re fluid in appearance and often in form, their desires change on a dime’s turn, and they lose interesting in things as suddenly as they gain it. To be in some way caught forever entirely stationary and stagnant is an unsettling, alien concept. Because of this, they’re loath to appear in photographs or realistic drawings (although more abstract work is open to interpretation); it’s also why they take such umbrage at bio/psyche majors trying to put them into neat boxes and uncover the why and how of them.

It’s small, dark, and pretty crowded. But this under-stairs storage area is becoming my new paper processing and, eventually, enlarging darkroom. For now I’m going to shoot 4x5 cut photo paper out of my new Calumet, and then process here and scan it. In the next few months I’d like to add an enlarger to it, but my old Beseler 23C won’t enlarge 4x5, so I’ll have to find something else. I’m going to try to stick with an older Beseler, as I already have the control box, contrast filters, and a bunch of other Beseler-specific items. Hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be posting my first image.

The Metal Giraffes of Cape Town Harbour. Shot this from the top of table mountain early one morning when fog covered just the sea around Cape town.

Developed this roll of film in my cupboard the other day, it came out cool - expect to see more soon.