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This photograph of a proposed Yeti footprint was taken by Eric Shipton on November 8, 1951. It was Shipton’s fifth expedition to Mount Everest when he discovered the print. To show the size of the print, Shipton carefully lay down his pickaxe beside it in the snow. The print is 12 inches in length and 5 inches across.

In 2014, the original photograph sold at auction for close to $5,000. 


The Beatles at Cow Palace, 19th August 1964 - the first concert of the Beatles first US tour. 

“On tour that year, it was crazy. Not within the band. In the band we were normal, and the rest of the world was crazy.”
[George, Anthology]

Within the first few seconds of the first song, ‘Twist and Shout,’ a radio journalist was trampled and a young girl’s leg was broken as some of the 17,300 fans rushed the stage; the sold-out concert was held up for five minutes to restore order. And thanks to an offhand comment by George Harrison about the group’s affinity for jelly beans, The Beatles were pelted with flying jelly beans throughout their 33-minute, 12-song set. The band left the Cow Palace by a decoy ambulance, their limousine immovable as it was swarmed by rabid fans!
[From the auction catalogue description for this set of photos, sold in 2012]

Source: RR Auctions, photographer unknown.


Summary:  In the hope of someday becoming as spectacular as the famous Shiny Chariot, Akko sets out to find inspiration and found more than what she was looking for. Dianakko College AU Magic doesn’t exist

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So in this AU Luna Nova Academy and Appleton Academy are of the same college. The characters have different courses and Akko and Diana met differently while Diana’s relationship with Andrew is him being a wingman. This was a fun idea to write, I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Your photos are so plain and boring!” Professor Nelson told her as she scanned on the camera roll. “All you did was take pictures of random things, Akko. We need better pictures if you ever want to showcase yours for our Samhain Festival.

Akko sighed. She had been practicing for months yet she wasn’t getting better at photography. She enrolled in a photography class at Luna Nova Arts Academy without knowing the difference between a DSLR and a Digital Camera or even how to use the DSLR’s manual function. Professor Nelson had given her an earful since then.

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Our bathroom is temporarily serving as a makeshift photo studio. Gotta get all the Auction items photographed cuz the Catalog goes to print Monday!

Also, you know I’m gonna trip over all this! Hopefully my pants are up at the time.


George’s Gretsch Tennessean guitar appreciation. 

(Also known as the guitar I perpetually mislabel as the Country Gent! They look so similar…!) 

The last photo is George’s 1962 Gretsch ‘Chet Atkins’ Tennessean guitar, photographed when Ringo auctioned it last year. The guitar had been given to Ringo by Olivia and Dhani in 2002. 

The penultimate photo is my favourite! 

Pic of ‘Chet Atkins’ Guitar, Randy Jenkins, LA Times. Other pics from various sources. (I don’t have the photographers names, sorry. Contact me if you know!) 


Angel pushed her tangled mass of curls away from her face, marching along an old, forgotten forest path in the middle of nowhere. She was flipping through her camera, scowling at the out of focus deer and dimly lit flowers that were prevalent through each the digital pictures. She’d been out all day and had yet to actually encounter something worth seeing. Vivian was going to kill her for being out so long, probably, but she needed some good photographs for her auction, if only to prove that she really could do this. She didn’t need her aunt’s money or influence– she could make a living on her own. She could sell her pictures to artists and journals and any number of places. Then she’d finally be independent, or at least have enough money to ditch her allowance. 

A noise startled Angel into looking up, her eyes wide. It sounded like branches snapping– but something much larger than a deer had made the noise. Larger than a wolf. Maybe even a bear? No, it couldn’t be bigger than a bear, could it? 

Scrambling a bit from the recent startle, Ange peered around, creeping towards where she thought the noise came from, taking care to hide behind trees as she made her way forward. It wasn’t until she came to a small clearing that she decided that she was indeed very, very wrong. 

Towering above her, a literal giant could be seen, his gargantuan physique making Angel feel like nothing more than a flea. Her hands shook as she brought her camera to her face, and before she could register her fear, she snapped a photo. Unfortunately, it was then that technology seemed to fail her, and the camera’s flash went off with a dazzling light. If the being had not noticed her before then, he certainly would now. 

Angel squeaked a little bit, and (finally registering her fear), scampered back out of the clearing and into the safety of the trees to stand by. She’d never seen someone so big, an actual, real life giant! She’d gotten a picture of him, too! If she could only get these to a journal– she’d be famous. She’d have no issues getting buyers for her photographs, maybe she could even start a studio, move out, have a life outside of her aunt’s business… the possibilities were endless. 

That is, if she survived this encounter. Which, to Angel, seemed unlikely.

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Hello, do you know how many charities is Benedict involved with?

Sorry it’s taken me weeks to respond! So, how long have you got?

 Princes Trust (Palace 2 Palace bike ride was for this too & he’s an ambassador of PT!) The Prince’s Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help young people.

♢ London’s New End Primary School auctioned off a photo Benedict donated to them.

♢ Cards for Keeps - a celebrity charity auction run by Stampin’ Up! UK on behalf of children’s charity Coram.

♢ He supported the London Night Hike for Maggie’s Centres. Maggie’s offers free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer .

♢ He has supported and urged fans to donate to the MND charity. ALS/MND charities fund and promote global research into MND and provides support to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease.

♢ Donated a Spencer Hart suit to Annos Africa. UK based African children’s arts charity running educational arts projects in the Nairobi slums.

♢ Asked fans to donate to Myeloma UK one year for his birthday. Myeloma is a myeloma/multiple myeloma blood cancer disease

♢ Cool to be Kind - Benedict Cumberbatch knows it is Cool to be Kind to animals.

♢ Benedict hosted the Laureus Awards in 2014 & 2015. Laureus use the event to raise awareness and fundraise. The foundation is also partnered with the Prince’s Trust and aims to fund sports programs for disadvantaged kids.

♢ Was involved with Dramatic Need.  Dramatic Need is a creative arts charity helping vulnerable children in Africa to build hope & self-belief in the face of conflict, trauma & hardship. Benedict also contributed to a fantastic Dramatic Need again in 2015.

♢ Went to the zoo with a fan with Cystic Fibrosis which was part of her ‘Make A Wish’. 

♢ Drew a ‘Dove for Peace’ who help raise funds for children in war zones. They asked people to show their support and draw a dove in aid of UNICEF for exhibition & auction.

♢ He is a patron for Odd Arts. Odd Arts has worked with over 60,000 people, making safer communities and individuals. They are market leaders in issue and evidence based arts work within criminal justice and community settings. 

♢ Signed a Deerstalker for St.Mungo’s. St Mungo’s is a charity registered in England to help homeless people.

♢ Urged his fans to donate to the late great Stephen’s Story who was suffering and sadly died of a incurable cancer. 

♢ An auction went live after the High Life interview and photoshoot where they auctioned Benedict’s coat that he wore for the shoot. This was for Flying Start is a global charity partnership, British Airways and Comic Relief UK. The aim is to raise money to help children living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world.

♢ Attended a charity dinner gala with Prince William to celebrate the work of the Royal Marsden. He also attended the Met Gala which is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Costume Institute in New York City.

♢ Reportedly brought food for beggars in Kuala Lumpur. 

♢ Read at an event called “Letters Live” for The Reading Agency which raised over eleven thousand pounds for The Reading Agency.

♢ Fans had (somehow!) found out a t-shirt he had worn was bought at “The Henry Miller Memorial Library. Which is a public benefit, non-profit organization championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist and Big Sur resident Henry Miller.

♢ Drew a self portrait to auction off for the Willow Foundation which is dedicated to bringing special days to the seriously ill who are between the ages 16 and 40 years of age and live in the United Kingdom.

♢ Benedict was just one of the guest presenters at the Gold Award Presentation in St. James’s Palace on 19 March. . The DofE is a leading youth Charity the DofE gives all young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop skills for life and work, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.

♢ Benedict supported the drama training of upcoming actor Ben Eagle by donating items for auction at Bonhams, including an iconic, signed deerstalker.

♢ Benedict attended an event to celebrate five Los Angeles high school “stars” in recognition for their excellence in academic achievements, despite the overwhelming obstacles that stand in their way. This charity is called the Children’s Defence Fund. 

♢ He attended a charity gala for The Park Theatre which raised over £100,000 to help build a new education floor at Park Theatre.

♢ Benedict read (& is honorary Vice President) for The Story of Christmas event which raises funds to support charitable projects that benefit homeless people and disadvantaged children in and around London. The Story of Christmas is supported by private and corporate benefactors, together with famous faces from the worlds of stage and screen who perform live.

♢ Benedict attended Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscar party. EJAF is an international non-profit organisation funding direct patient care services and AIDS prevention education.

♢ Benedict was photographed for a Stand Up To Cancer campaign where he was asked to run as if he were about to save a life. Stand Up To Cancer is a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. They actors involved were part of an exclusive short film and set of photographs shot by renowned photographer and film director, Greg Williams.

♢ He attended the 2004 Amnesty International Burlesque party which helped raise over £100,000 for human rights. 

♢ Benedict & Martin took time out filming Sherlock in 2013 and 2015 to meet young people with cancer from the unit at University College London Hospital nearby.

♢ Benedict attended the Centrepoint Winter White galaCentrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, supporting 16-25 years olds with housing, learning, health and life skills.

♢ He’s supporting Bowel Cancer UK  who have been aiming to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer. 

♢ His nibs took a selfie for The Big C  The Big C Challenge urges people to take on any challenge beginning with the letter C throughout September. The aim of the campaign is to challenge cancer. 

♢ Benedict took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in the summer of 2014 when the challenge went viral. An activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

♢ Benedict took part in a skit for Red Nose Day, which debuted for the first time in America. Red Nose Day is a fantastic night of TV, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously.

♢ Benedict donated his famous sparkly Vuitton shoes to Small Steps Project which help children living on rubbish dumps globally.

♢ In 2014 Benedict attended the annual Young Patron’s Bright Young Things Gala which supports emerging artists at London’s National Theatre.

♢ Benedict was photographed by Jason Bell, who was commissioned by TK Maxx to shoot a variety of famous faces, including Liam Neeson, Kate Winslet and Jerry Hall, to celebrate ten years of its Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, which has raised more than £17 million for Cancer Research.

♢ Benedict joined a host of stars in calls to “Save Soho" from gentrification and also featured in their Save Soho video. The Save Soho campaign aims to protect performance arts venues in the area. Benedict is also seen sporting their pins at events. 

♢ He’s a patron of Phoenix Cinema who will participate in an event there for their friends and community, as soon as his currently very full schedule allows. The programme of events and films on offer is curated by people who truly love and know cinema and is made possible by a charity that puts people before profit.

♢ Benedict helped design a Paddington Bear. The Paddington Trail helped to raise in the region of £950,000 for NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), ChildLine and Action Medical Research when the bears were sold at auction.

♢ Benedict and the cast of The Imitation Game signed posters for The Turing Trust to auction off. The Turing Trust is established by the nephew of Alan Turing and is a UK based sustainable development charity which makes people more employable by bringing transformative technologies to those that will otherwise miss out.

♢ He signed prints for photographer Ian Derry to auction off for Cure Leukaemia.

♢ The inspiring champ Stephen Sutton raised lots of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which helped him throughout his battle with colorectal cancer. Stephen’s campaign went viral in 2014 and broke all records on Just Giving. Benedict shared a photo via his bud James Rhodes urging people to donate to Stephen’s cause. RIP Stephen Sutton. 

♢ Benedict and Sienna Miller filmed themselves doing Sohana’s EBtonguetwister challenge for the Sohana Research Fund which is helping to find effective treatment for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa.

♢ Benedict donated some Gucci glasses, Modalu bag and a signed photo to #Boxathon who send boxes to people who fill it with things they can auction off to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. 

♢ Benedict donated another pair of shoes, this time Edward Green’s to Small Steps which helps children and famlies living on rubbish dumps. 

♢ He signed a Yorick skull in auction for @barbicantrust.

♢ Benedict donated a pair of Gucci Sunglasses and designer bag for Boxman who donated the proceedings to the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

♢ Signed a photo for African Children’s Fund which is a UK charity working to break down the barriers preventing African children leading happy & fulfilled lives.  

♢ Another signed photograph went up for auction for photographer Ian Derry who was raising money for @CureLeukaemia.

♢ There was a celebrity auction in aid of Deafinitely Theatre in which Benedict sent a signed photo for them to auction. Deafinitely Theatre support bilingual theatre for deaf and hearing children.

♢ Benedict donated an Armani cardigan of his for Turn2us which is a national charity set up in 1897 to fight poverty in the UK.

♢ During Benedict’s 3 month run of Hamlet in 2015 Benedict appealed for Save The Children at the end of every performance which raised £150k. As well as that, he participated in a Save The Children video  for the charity single raising money for Syrian refugees.

♢ Benedict featured in a video for ‘Save Our Human Rights’ supporting a campaign to stop the Government scrapping the Human Rights Act.

♢ For America’s first red Nose Day in 2015. Benedict was one of many celebrities to help out with a video skit. 

♢ A huge bear joined Benedict and Johnny Depp on The Graham Norton show in Nov 2015 which Benedict attacked live on the show. Johnny and Benedict signed the bear to be auctioned off for @GOSH. Great Ormond Street Hospital provides world class care to hundreds of children every day.

♢ Benedict donated a signed photo to auction off for the Holy Cross Catholic Primary School in East Cowes in the Isle of Wight. 

♢ Benedict called up radio host Christian for Who’s Calling Christian who spent two weeks looking for celebrities to Call Christian for the chance to win £20,000 towards the charity of their choice (or £10,000 for their charity and £10,000 for a listener who told them to call up). After selecting the top 5 calls and then opening up the vote to you to choose the best. Unfortunately Benedict didn’t get to the final Top 5. 

(That’s not including all the other charities and gala’s he attends and help that we don’t know about).

~ Additionally Benedict  joined the Stop the War Coalition protest against the Iraq War in London, addressed activists in a protest sponsored by the Trade Union Congress in Westminster on the suggested risks to the arts due to spending cuts expected in the Spending Review, was a signatory of Amnesty International’s letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron campaigning for women’s rights in Afghanistan for International Women’s Day 2014, protested against what he perceived were civil liberties violations by the UK Government, publicly backed “Hacked Off”officiated the same-sex marriage of his friends and was among a group of actors to voice their opposition to the Government’s plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

And every year for his birthday his ever growing fan base raise thousands to his chosen charities or charities they want to support. Perhaps the biggest, for example, Cumberbatchweb organises one. One year £10K for the Teenage Cancer Trust was raised, last year £15k for Myeloma UK and this year (as it stands currently) £6,163 to The Princes Trust. Not forgetting all the other fans raising large amounts for other charities throughout the year in his name. 

♢♢ In 2015 Benedict was acknowledged in the Queen’s Birthday Honours with a CBE for his services to performing arts and services to charity. ♢♢

“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” - Moliere.

In the light of a seeming constant intrusion into his whereabouts and privacy, it would be a delight to make a few frenzied discussions on what he does to truly deflect his own fame for good. Take his lead & shine a light into a weary world.

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Ahh RFA reacting to mc with vitiligo?

- Zen would say they would be the perfect person to act in his next play with him and insist they audition for the lead role

- Yoosung might say something like, “Wow! You look like a real life LoLoL character” and want to cosplay with them

- Jaehee, being the only one who wears makeup other than Zen, would ask, “Do you have to buy two shades foundation?” 

- Jumin wouldn’t care much outright, but in he private he would point out that he found it so unique and beautiful

- 707 would only comment on how the MC probably wouldn’t be great undercover because they’d be to recognizable. 

- V would say they were his new muse, and he would want to photograph them for an auction about human beauty

Six: a Riarkle Fanfic

In her lifetime, Riley will love six boys. 

The first one will be Lucas. It’s true that she loves Farkle, but it’s not the same. She’ll love Lucas and go into it blind. She’ll sacrifice her reputation for him and calm him down when things just go to crap. She’ll give him the best parts of her and she’ll be vulnerable with him in a way no other boy will ever see unless they earn it. She’ll make him a better person and in return he will help her see the world.

Riley will love Lucas with an unconditional, irrefutable love, but it will change. And he’ll fall in love with someone else. And her heart and soul that was devoted to him will shift, and he’ll be her brother. The one who protects. But he’ll always be her first.

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the end [saeyoung x reader]

The party begins.

No, it was not everlasting. Even if you wish for such a thing, it was not.

It was a party to celebrate everyone’s kindness towards the needy. A fundraising party. There were photograph auctions, items up for grabs and anything that could earn them funds.

And as you pushed open those beautiful polished oak doors, you felt many eyes on you as people started whispering among each other, wondering about who the girl in the elegant dress was.

There was grace in each and every one step you took, as if you ruled everything that was present in the room.

You were beauty, you were grace, hoping to see another familiar face.

As stunning and as graceful you looked, you weren’t actually too sure about heading where. Everything was new in your eyes.

“___..?” you heard a raspy voice behind you mutter.


Zen was the first to spot you, and he was very happy to be the first. His crimson eyes hovered over every single detail about you, admiring the way you looked.

As much as he wanted to stare more, he had to respect his best friend’s girl. So he stopped, and grinned as he showed you around the brightly lit room.

“___!” a female’s voice spoke, clearly happy to see you.


She was glad to see Zen beside you, and accompanied the both of you as they continued to give a small tour.

Jaehee looked wonderful, she was glowing brightly and looked as if she had enough sleep for the first time— thanks to Jumin, of course.

“Woah, is that you, ___?” you heard another excited voice nearby.


Bright violet eyes locked onto you, shining as bright as the stars outside. He was very pleased and excited to see you.

Zen and Jaehee stepped back to converse as they let you talk to Yoosung, who was already telling you about all the interesting things he had done the day before.

“___. You look lovely.”


Jumin did not show it, but he was grateful to have seen you. Now you could be used as an excuse to get away from all those disturbing women.

He raised an eyebrow everytime you laughed at Yoosung’s jokes, unsure as to why you’d find them funny. You were happy to converse with all of them, but you still felt a little bit lost.

There was one more person missing, and you finally noticed him as your friends backed away to let you both have some alone time as you both met for the first time.



His golden, stunning eyes scanned and observed you, admiring the way the dress had fit you perfectly and how beautifully soft your skin looked.

“You’re so.. beautiful. There are many things inside of my brain, but right now, all I can think about is you.”

You remembered sticking by Saeyoung the whole time. You remembered Jumin giving his speech instead of V. You remembered Saeyoung kissing your forehead as he asked to wait on his bed.

And now, you continue to remember as he kisses your neck, marking you as his.

Evidence.. that he had existed.

You could not help but remember and not forget all the memories you made with the RFA at the party, and you could not help but remember and not forget all the tough times.

As Saeyoung pulls the blanket over you two, you begin to realize how cold it was in his room compared to the apartment.

He pulled you towards him, embracing you as he held your hand tightly. Like he never wanted to let you go.

And as you feel your eyelids closing, you could not help but hear the last thing Saeyoung said before you blacked out.

“I love you, don’t forget me.”

It wasn’t cold.

There was no warmth surrounding you.

Opening your eyes, you turned to your side, expecting to see Saeyoung Choi in all his perfect glory.

But there was only your phone, and it was playing a song you didn’t know the words to.

Who was Saeyoung Choi, anyway? Why were you thinking about that name?

“Did you get mysterious messages?” the phone faintly played the music.

It was just an odd dream.

The party ends.

Niall in glasses

A journey through an alternate universe. 

Human rights photojournalist Niall Horan gives a lecture at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts: 

Niall Horan sits on a panel discussing his photojournalist work on the Ivory Coast:

Participating in a take action video raising money to end hunger in the developing world: 

Niall judges an amateur photojournalist competition:

Attending a gala for the arts in London:

Niall smiles on as he wins the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting: 

Accepting his Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting: 

Attending the UN conference on human rights :

Niall cheers as a UN delegate calls for an end to global hunger: 

Niall hosting a fundraiser in his home country of Ireland: 

On his way to document a protest to end corporate corruption in the developing world: 

Niall listens as a refugee family details their struggles in migrating to the UK:

Autographing his pulitzer prize winning photograph which will be auctioned off to raise money for medical supplies for the UN: