“Creativity is one of our greatest gifts, It allows us to whole heartedly express ourselves, be unique. There are no boundaries in what we can do with it.

What I have found with the growth of social media is that there is this kind of competitive layer that looms above us, who’s got the most followers, who’s got the most likes.. that kind of thing. It’s obviously not completely gone but where has the support for fellow creatives gone? We aren’t doing what we do to compete!

We do what we do because we love to inspire, it doesn’t matter if you are a dancer because I’m a photographer and I find beauty in the movement you make, it doesn’t matter if you are a painter because the musician looking at your work hears the colours you have mixed, you are a writer and the model who travels the world in a busy rush stopped for a few minutes and shed a tear over the story you have written. You see the connection I’m making here? my favourite Pink Floyd lyric is ‘I am you, and what I see is me’ We are all in the same boat, making a living out of being creative is what we all desire and it is unbelievably hard at times, but we don’t give in because we all dread the robotic working 9-5 lifestyle. Instead of being jealous of someone else’s success appreciate where they have got themselves to and let it push you a little bit more!”

Full feature of words by me, and images by Carly Brown photography can be seen here