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Prideshipping on Location - At the Beach!

Felt like doing another Prideshipping photoshoot with my Yami and Kaiba figures, and today was a nice day, so I decided to go on location down to the nearby beach and get some snaps! (I am so privileged to live near both the beach and a nature reserve)

I had a lot of fun with this shoot, so prepare for a long post! Yami and Kaiba even got in a few selfies!

To announce their arrival, Yami and Kaiba pose dramatically and point to the sea.

Kaiba admires the sea, whilst I photograph his footprints in the sand.

“You’re not the only one in this shoot, Kaiba! Make way for the Pharaoh!”

It had to happen didn’t it? Once again, there’s a Duel underway for the title of ‘King of Games’.

Oh look, dogs are allowed on this beach. You hear that Wheeler? There’s a place that’ll actually let you in.”

And to finish things off our Prideshippers get together for some selfies with Yami’s smartphone, and they get caught in a last-minute shower.

Sign of the times-Part 2 (Grayson)

Part 1-

Summary: Grayson finally shows himself to you asking for your help to find Ethan which you agree to. You grow closer to Grayson knowing you can’t have feelings for him because he’s just a ghost who needs to pass on. Putting your feeling aside you tracked down Ethan, hoping Grayson will find peace.

Warnings: A swear word and some nonsense. :)

A/N: Sorry this took a bit to post, I had to make sure some things made sense, it probably still doesn’t…Also, keep in mind Grayson is solid, not transparent. It’s was more fun that way.

It’s been three days since I met Grayson, Grayson Dolan. He was nice, but he always seemed sad, I would like to see him smile. Talking to him it felt like I known him for years, even though he never smiled, I was comfortable around him.

He was a ghost who died six years ago, he told me he got electrocuted. He was home alone when it was storming bad and he was near some metal at the time the lightning strike, causing his death. He wasn’t able to pass on because he was holding on to some regret. The regret of not saying goodbye to his twin brother Ethan. When souls hold on too much regret or hate they are unable to pass on. He wanted to have closure letting Ethan know that he’s okay.

His brother Ethan moved out of this house years ago, Grayson said he witnessed his brother going through a tough time without him. The house was too much for Ethan, memories of Grayson filled this home. So, he left and Grayson doesn’t know where he went. He wants me to help him find him, I was hesitant about agreeing. How can I help a ghost find his twin brother? I don’t even know where to begin. But I ended up agreeing anyway, wanted to help a poor soul pass on.

Of course, I was freaking out on how was I seeing him. I could even touch him, he was solid not like I pictured spirits. See-through beings able to float around, but Grayson he could teleport to different parts of the house.

He claimed that I was the first person who could actually touch and see him, putting it on that I have this special connection to him.

“So, what’s going on with the chain that’s connected to your chest?” I finally asked. We were in the kitchen, I was sipping my warm coffee trying to have the energy to go to work. I was also going to do research on finding Ethan.

He touched the chain. “It’s what’s keeping me in the real world, it’s connected to the house since I died here.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. What could I say to that? We both knew he was dead, but I still wanted to avoid the subject. So I just focused back on my coffee, downing the rest of it as it slightly burns my throat.

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Mistakes Every Beginner Photographer Should Avoid

I have recently been working on digitizing all of my film negatives and going through all of them I have gotten to see how I have grown as an artist over the years. A lot of the first rolls I shot were bad, like really bad so I thought I would start a series were I could give some advice how to avoid a lot of the beginner mistakes that I and many other new photographers have made in the past.

The biggest mistake newbies to photography make is taking photos of interesting things instead of interesting scenes. pouring over my old negatives I found plenty of frames will with such things close ups of statues from the park, bird fountains, and wild animals such as ducks and squirrels. These photos were horrible, they weren’t composed well, the animals in the shot were too far away and too small, and they just came across very blah. The reason was because I was too concerned with just finding interesting things to photograph instead of creating well composed scenes to capture.

I think that when you are a beginner you are just so eager to get started taking photos that you just don’t pay enough attention to what you are actually shooting. You have a new camera and you are excited to be out taking photos so you shoot whatever looks interesting in the moment. Out on a walk you see statue in the park so you take a photo of it without ever trying to visualize what the final photo will look like. You see a flower growing so you bend down close to it, zoom in and snap away without putting anymore thought into it.

My advice is to stop and be patient more, don’t just look for interesting objects to shoot. Thinking about what you would like to see a photograph, would you enjoy looking at a photo of a statue? a statue hundreds of people walk by a day and has probably been photographed thousands of times? if the answer is no than skip it. If the answer is yes than start to think how you would like that photograph to look. How you would like it composed, how much depth you want in it, what you want the photograph to say. Your beginning photos are still going to end up being your worst over the long run but doing this will help you get to making better photographers soon.

(AU where Regina is still Snow’s stepmother and their relationship has always been terrible and then Leopold dies when Emma’s 3 and leaves her his fortune, everything to go to her when she comes of age, and Regina is livid and that’s when it gets really bad, first just snide remarks and so Snow and David stop going to visit (it’d only ever been out of some sense of obligation, she’s still family after all) but then it’s revealed that, should anything happen to Emma, the money would pass to Regina, and that’s when the random hang ups start, that’s when Snow and David move the first time, and there’s never anything to lead back to Regina, nothing but strange things like phone calls at 2 in the morning and getting home and swearing there hadn’t been a pen on the counter there, that they hadn’t left the windows open, little things that don’t amount to anything but Snow knows her stepmother and so they go, never staying one place long - 

And as Emma gets older it gets worse - strange men trying to get Emma from school but she never goes and the teachers have been warned about things like this - the house getting broken into - strange cars driving by or staying parked outside - 

And so the moves continue. 

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…I’m in a corner dying of embarassment

I really want to try Tinder, but I’ve spent my entire life avoiding photographs, so I don’t have any. Plus they wouldn’t be usable if I did, ‘cause they’d all be boy mode. And I can’t take any good ones, 'cause I don’t really HAVE a girl mode. I don’t have any clothes, my hair’s a disaster, and I don’t have any makeup or ability to use it. Add to that really super dark beard shadow and a gross voice, and I have no idea how I’d even get any matches, much less go on a date.

I’ve decided to make some stronger motions to reclaim my name, my face, my body and shape the presentation of them into something I want as an individual, an artist. There’s a friend of mine who’s somewhat and annoyingly in love with me but he’s a great photographer, and instead of continually avoiding the session like I have been, I’ve scheduled it with him… and I’m gonna wipe the fucking studio floor with his body until I get the photos I want.

Adaline II

A/N: Not much happening here, but we’ll see Kakashi soon. It’s a little angsty, not as much as the last though…I think.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3 to be added]

When Sakura leaves Konoha at the age of 82, she does it because she is selfish and she knows it.

She brings with her a few change of clothes, new mission gear, and photographs of her family—her family that she’s left behind for the sake of her sanity, for the sake of their own oblivious happiness. It was pitifully easy to fake her own death and replace “her body” with one from the morgue and it is something she will always be ashamed of, even if it was used for science and set to be cremated anyway.

No one would ever suspect deceit or that she hadn’t really died, because Sakura was 82 years old and, at that age, life comes down to borrowed time.

She didn’t even stay behind for her own funeral, she couldn’t. She couldn’t bear to watch the grief on her children’s faces as they buried an imposter and mourned a lie. It had been incredibly difficult to fake her ailments when her daughter was an accomplished medical ninja, and even more so to keep from “dying” earlier when all of her friends started passing on.

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Something More || Klaroline

Day 1 - Crossovers/Fusions

Josh and Donna are sacred to me on The West Wing, but there was always a part of me that really wanted Donna to stay with the cute photographer. I wanted to avoid the complicated international backdrop and life-threatening circumstances, however, so this happened. Happy AU Week!

“You’re with the American delegation, then?”

Surprised, Caroline turned to find a handsome man had taken the barstool next to her. The British accent was charming, but hardly a clue as to why he was talking to her. “Yeah,” she nodded, somewhat suspicious.

As a last-minute addition to the Congressional goodwill visit to India, Caroline’s hotel room had yet to be arranged. The advance team was working on it, which left her to wait impatiently in the bar. No stranger to getting hit on, it was a bit odd to have such a familiar experience in an entirely different country.

“Klaus Mikaelson,” he introduced himself. When she declined his hand with a sharp glare, he smirked in amusement. “I’m a photographer by trade, and I noticed the Secret Service detail surrounding your group. Americans abroad tend to attract international attention.”

“Says the man pointing the camera,” Caroline noted, sipping her glass of water.

“Fair enough,” Klaus agreed. “But it pays the bills. Care to give a mate the inside scoop?”

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A Complete Itinerary To Harry Styles and My Wedding

5:58 a.m. We’ll begin the day by rising with the sun in our joint mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The wedding ceremony will be held in Florence, and the reception in Paris, so we’ll be jetting there later in the morning. But we each requested that we begin the day with a casual morning at home.

8:00 a.m. Breakfast on the terrace in Florence. Shirtless Italian butlers serve us caffè e latte and biscuits with butter and jam. Fresh flowers will fill tiny vases on the table. The weather will be breezy but warm. This is a requirement.

9:00 a.m. We separate for hair and makeup. His hair will be tied in a bun, with braids dangling along his face, à la Legolas, son of Thranduil. My hair will be simple, yet elegant, parted along the side and brushed gently to the back, and spritzed with glitter so it glints softly in the sunlight.

11:00 a.m. Change into wedding garments. We’ll be wearing matching Yves Saint Laurent pantsuits. His, of course, will be unbuttoned from neck to stomach. Mine will only be unbuttoned far enough to reveal my necklace, carrying The Regent, commonly regarded as the world’s most beautiful diamond. We’ll each be wearing matching ruby red slippers, Givenchy jewels, and Chanel undergarments.

1:00 p.m. Annie Leibovitz arrives for photographs. Our bridal shot, of course, will cover Vogue’s September issue, a wedding gift promised by Anna herself. The shot — the two of us standing before a veranda full of 2,000 white roses, surrounded by exactly 77 pure white doves, kept in pure darkness before this moment so the image captures their very first exposure to sunlight and life — will be hailed by Time magazine as the greatest photograph ever shot.

2:00 p.m. Ceremony begins. The grooms, each shrouded in silk veils, will enter the church on separate converging red carpets and meet in the center of the chapel beneath a single ray of sunshine, at which point the veils will be dramatically removed in a flourish of fireworks, smoke and trumpets. The officiant, Oprah Winfrey, will rise from a trap door before her salutatory remarks. Vows will be exchanged via musical performance and interpretive dance. Both grooms will light the unity candle with only the flames of their burning passionate love. The two-hour ceremony will conclude with a rousing dance number.

4:00 p.m. Group photographs and receiving line. Following the ceremony, guests are invited to take photographs before the grooms, who will be situated in His & His thrones situated at the top of the altar. Guests are advised to kneel before the grooms while being photographed and to avoid direct eye contact. Guests are also advised to present their gifts at this time, which will be promptly weighed and appraised and consequently judged.

6:00 p.m. The reception will be held in the Great Hall of an abandoned Parisian castle outfitted with floating candles and a ceiling that manifests as the night sky. The reception hall will be pumped with concentrated oxygen so guests feel more alert throughout the evening.

6:30 p.m. Welcoming toast, in which I thank our guests for coming and move the room to tears with a deeply emotional and melodramatic re-telling of the story of how we met.

7:00 p.m. Dinner, a blend of Italian and French cuisine, which is to be served in a stunning 13 courses: apertivo (light wine with cheese, small quiches, crisps, nuts and various dippable breads with sauces), anitpasto (meat plates, cold shrimp, small sandwiches and other heavier finger foods), primo (small pasta dishes, soup, and a square of lasagne), secondo (the main course, featuring various hot meats), formaggi e frutta (local cheeses and fresh seasonal fruit), dolce (dessert, mainly eclairs, gelato, various cakes and pies, cannoli), and caffè. Other courses include: the potato course, the taco course, the banana course, the course where everybody drinks an entire bottle of wine, the vodka shot course, and the second-lasagne course.

8:45 p.m. The grooms gently glide onto the dance for their first dance as a married couple. The dance is accompanied by a live acoustic performance of “At Last” by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, who brings the entire castle to tears.

9:00 p.m. Cake cutting. The cake, baked by the renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel, is described as “the only banana-flavored croissant, donut, cake hybrid to ever exist in the world and the only one that ever will” and as “the only cake ever known to make the Pope cry simply by laying his eyes upon it.”

9:30 p.m. Tossing of the grooms’ bouquets and garters.

10:00 p.m. Presentation of the dragon eggs.

11:00 p.m. Ceremonial farewell. Each guest is to kneel as the grooms exit. Gift baskets, which include a fully-trained pomeranian puppy and an iPhone 7, will be distributed at the exit.

12:00 a.m. After party.

2:00 a.m. After after party.

4:00 a.m. McDonalds.

xyriath  asked:

Flip-flopped Academy Era AU where Bones is the one who notoriously sleeps around a lot without any commitments--some of the nastier students call him the "school slut", but he tries not to let it get to him. Jim just shakes his head fondly and focuses on his schoolwork. It becomes harder to stomach, however, when he develops feelings for his best friend/roommate. He knows Bones doesn't do relationships. Bones, of course, doesn't realize--he's too busy freaking out about being in love with Jim.

THISSSSSSSSS how dare you

After Joce leaves, Leonard swears he won’t ever do it again.

Eight years of his life signed away with so much black ink on white paper, and he’s reduced to a dollar amount, a memory, a few pointedly avoided photographs in the family album. It hurts too much, he decides, six pints in and nowhere else to go, and he spends that night in the back room of a bar with a nameless man.

It’s a rebellion and a denial in more ways than he cares to count, and he does it again the following night. There’s something relieving in the act, an abandonment of what’s right or wrong and an embracing of what simply is. He can forget when he’s pressing into a warm, eager body, when a strong hand on the back of his neck pins him against the wall and an anonymous voice murmurs into his ear.

Meeting Pike changes things, but not so much that he can’t continue. He packs up his meager belongings, climbs aboard the shuttle with dread sitting cold in his stomach, and looks into the wary eyes of James Tiberius Kirk.

He doesn’t figure out who the kid actually is until later at the Academy, when he walks into his tiny dorm room and comes face-to-face with the familiar bruised visage, and he’s vaguely discomforted for all of twenty minutes before the kid yawns widely, stretched out across his bed, and asks if he wants to get a drink.

Jim drinks like a fish and has the tolerance of a fourteen-year-old, and it’s not long before Leonard’s shaking his head in exasperation, looking down at his passed out roommate.

“Hey,” his conquest of the night breathes against his ear, settling a hand on the small of his back. “What d’you say we get outta here, huh?”

Leonard glances at him wistfully- the guy’s tall, muscled, and covered in tattoos that Leonard wants to spend time tasting- and sighs. “Sorry, no. Have to get this one home.” He jabs Jim in the side none too gently, and Jim snorts before slumping onto Leonard’s shoulder.

“Pity,” the guy says, after a short pause. He gives Leonard his number anyways, which Leonard silently resolves to never use. He doesn’t make it a habit to see anyone twice, even if he hasn’t officially slept with the guy yet.

“You bastard,” he tells Jim as he lugs the half-conscious kid back to their room. “You owe me a good fuck.”

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soyraphael  asked:

Do you have any must-know tips for an amateur photographer?

I’d have to say study composition, light, and subject-manner. Those three are the most important to me.

Photograph what really interests you, avoid trends. Be aware of every single thing that’s in the frame you capture. Limit the distractions in the frame as much as possible… doing so will help tell the story/moment better. Create personal projects/challenges for yourself during the uninspired and frustrated times. Last have fun with it!

Photographers for cosplayers to avoid.

Ok so here’s two photographers for cosplayers to avoid. I’m not saying they’re bad people, but they made me feel uncomfortable. 

This one man (I never got his name.) He’s pretty overweight, pretty tall, light skinned African American man. I’ve had the displeasure of running into him twice. He has a nice Nikon? camera and he usually asks others around to take photos. He asked to pick me up and then asked for email, I got really bad vibes from him. 

Another man, his name is Paul, he’s bald, Caucasian, wears his button up shirt open, and wears a necklace with a weird crystal on it. He invaded my personal space, flirted with me, and just said douchy things like how he knew Nine Inch Nails, trying to impress me or some BS. You can see pictures of him at 

That’s it. I’ll add more if I ever run into any, hopefully not.