photographers self portrait

Hybrid #1

My self-portraits explore my feeling that my body is too much; taking up too much space, too big to be attractive. For years I suffered from an eating disorder, obsessed with losing weight. Now in my photographs, I am reclaiming my body by taking up space in the frame. I felt locked in the cage that was my body. In my photographs the cage is represented by the edges of the frame and I am breaking out of it. I show my body stretching to the corners of the photograph, not letting myself crumple and submit to the passive female form.

Kelsey Michelle, 2015


Catching the Sunrise

Nothing like hiking in the forest while it’s dark just to catch the sun rising from the top of a mountain. Hawksbill Mountain Trail in Linville Gorge, North Carolina.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram

Bathing in the moonlight. My take on this recent celestial event!

It was funny, I knew it was happening but didn’t really plan on shooting it at all. Ended up enjoying some beach time to shoot the waves and the post sunset glows when I noticed the moon was faintly emerging from the cloud layer below the horizon; it was such a nice welcome surprise. The beach was desolate, no other people at all. It was surreal. I have a bunch more photos but just sharing this initially as it’s most certainly different from the shots I’ve seen!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram