I value people’s time, immensely. I enjoy the act of coordinating shoots, planning shoots, shooting with people, watching them look at the pictures on the camera, and rushing home to edit. There is literally nothing more on this planet that I enjoy doing. Before I made it to New York Thursday night, I had about 12 shoots planned, they were pretty much all in stone. By now I was scheduled to have completed nine shoots, but I’ve only done two. Look, I understand that things happen and things come up, but all I ask of you is to let me know. Running late? Let me know. Feeling under the weather? Let me know. Not feeling to shoot anymore? Let me know. Communication is single handedly the make and break of every relationship (including platonic) we enter. I don’t want to hear an hour or two before my shoot that you can’t make it because then I feel bad having turned down people for shoots for that same time slot. You will NEVER disappoint me by telling me in advance that you can’t make it to a shoot, but I need at least a day’s notice. Who’s to say we can’t shoot at a later time or another day? Thank you to those that have done this in the past, and a heads up to those looking to work with me. 

Thanks to my gremlin @jadasabrina for spending the day and shooting with me.