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Kevin Russ on Society6.

I absolutely love Kevin Russ’s photography and I absolutely love that his photographs are available as prints, phone cases and more in his Society6 Online Store.

This is a sponsored post by Society6 which is home to hundreds of thousands of independent artists profiting from the sale of their work as gallery quality art prints, phone cases, wall tapestries and more - without giving up control of their rights!

Hey, guys!

A little bit of my news, if you do not mind :)

  • So.. we passed the mark of 200 subscribers a few days ago!!! This is so crazy, I’m very happy :) I hope you guys enjoy my blog, I try very hard to make posts often. I have many more photos for you :)
  • I was very skeptical, but I pushed myself and opened two little shops! Fell free to check them out, if you’re interested - [ My Society6 Shop ] and [ My RedBubble Shop ] . I didn’t change prices from standard, they’re almost the same at the both places. And I try to update them every day too. Many of you told me to try :)
  • My second account on the Instagram was hacked and deleted. I still haven’t figured out how it happened. But my main page is still good, so I made a decision to upload everything there from now on. Fell free to join and enjoy - Daria’s Instagram.
I’m very thankful that a little more than half a year ago I created a page on Tumblr, it gives me a lot of positive energy, even on the worst days. Thanks to every one of you, guys :) I absolutely appreciate you! Thanks again and have a nice day! :)

The Last  Farewell

This picture shows the hard reality and two sides of the Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi. The God who was worshiped with such enthusiasm is left broken the day after the festival. The water pollution caused by the immersion of Plaster of Paris idols into natural water bodies is also a big threat. This shot was taken on the Aksa beach of Mumbai, India.

Photo By: Siddharth Setia
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