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Kevin Russ on Society6.

I absolutely love Kevin Russ’s photography and I absolutely love that his photographs are available as prints, phone cases and more in his Society6 Online Store.

This is a sponsored post by Society6 which is home to hundreds of thousands of independent artists profiting from the sale of their work as gallery quality art prints, phone cases, wall tapestries and more - without giving up control of their rights!

I’ve decided to sell my photos on Society6!

I created an account and have added a handful of photos in a few options of items, however I will make any (faceless) photo available to purchase at your request, just send me a message and I’ll get to it! I don’t expect to make much but I figured that my mission is to share my little slices of the world, so part of that should be allowing those who would like to to have physical copies and support my efforts a little in the meantime. Thank you to everyone who follows me and has helped me expand the reach of my photography!

~ Kristine