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yo, that person doesn't have an ask/message open so I reblogged your original with all the tags they used so hopefully people will see your post first.

thanku bb <3 It’s supremely annoying that people willfully ignore artist requests on posts :,<

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I'm gunna roll around over here laughing to myself over the fact that this angry person thinks RIFA of all people is sexist. The hell is wrong with you? And even if she had a BOYFRIEND or a male partner of some kind that doesn't mean in any world that she HAS to have babies. some women, like myself and many others, hate the idea of child birth. Also clearly it states in her write up that she's 22- also if you read her blog she's a full time worker, and a rather smart person. Time for babies? No.

Aw Bails, why so cool and awesome <3

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I actually tried really hard at this video and I’m slowly getting better, so thanks for those that have been… kind and stayed and watched he struggle. 
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