photographer: george lange

GEORGE LANGE (photographer): Marilyn Manson walked onto our set today straight from the stage at Cannes Lions. We talked cameras. He lusted after the new Phase One IQ3 we are putting through the motions. He is a Canon guy. I have these shots of him smiling that are so sweet - but love this one where he breaks the square at the top. What was I singing in my head when I took this? The new Beirut single, “NO NO NO.”

Sophia did her own hair and  makeup, and was totally game going around with the leaf blower. Total class. We catered a really nice lunch. Linen napkins. When she did her lips after lunch and blotted them on a napkin, I asked her to sign it. First and last time I ever asked for an autograph -George Lange

Sophia Loren by George Lange, 1993