photographer: danny north

FROM THE ARCHIVE: letlive. at Newcastle Academy, 2012 by Danny (photo © Danny North 2012)

Letlive. are probably one of the hardest and most exciting bands to photograph on the planet. Hardest because if the lighting is terrible, then at best you’re going to get a blurred image of Jason throwing himself across the stage. Exciting because there is no telling what he will do next. In Southampton, for example, Jason was dangling from the balcony at the back of the Guildhall with one hand, no safety net, just 20 feet of air and a hardwood floor to greet him. Thankfully he didn’t fall! A few days after, shooting for Kerrang!, I caught them in Newcastle. After the one armed dangle, and being banned from ever playing the Guildhall again, Jason contained his anger on stage. It was something to behold. Much like trying to calm an earthquake by offering it a jaffa cake. Out of the three songs I shot there are a number of images I’d love to post here, including a midair shot of a running forwards flip, but I think this shot really shows the intensity of Jason’s performance that night.