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Hollywood’s Next Big Thing: Cannes Breakout Barry Keoghan Draws on Tough Upbringing for His Roles

“When you’re in the boxing ring, you’re there — you have to be present. It’s a craft I’m learning,” says Barry Keoghan, photographed May 2 in Dublin.

The Irish actor, who spent several years in foster care, stars in competition entry ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ ahead of his turn in Christopher Nolan’s 'Dunkirk’: “I try to use that history that I have. I have a different story to tell.”

Barry Keoghan would like it noted that he was born and raised in Dublin 1, the Irish city’s central zone and one of its grittiest. “I call it the real Dublin,” he says. “It’s been a big part of everything to me.”

Since he started acting in 2010 (he got his first part after noticing an ad for actors in a shop window), Keoghan has stacked his résumé with dark roles: a cat killer on the Irish TV series Love/Hate, a homeless youth in the Sundance drama Mammal and now a troubled young man who’s lost his father in The Lobster director Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, debuting in competition at Cannes.

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S. by Pawel Pentlinowski
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Model: Susanne Moran

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Prompt for a short drabble where Coulson rescues May from the framework and saves her life after she stops breathing and they finally kiss for real after

a/n: so first, thank you for the prompt because it inspired a few days of delightful and angsty mulling, which I loved, and second I am sorry that this is in no way short. Oops. Also Daisy sort of saves her from the Framework and saves her life? But there’s kissing, I promise. So enjoy :)


She stops breathing.

It takes Phil a moment to realise the blur of movement out the corner of his eye is Daisy and Jemma pulling May to the ground, that the muffled sounds he can barely hear beyond the pressure building in his ears are their frantic voices calling out to Elena and Piper for assistance.  

He jerks his arm from the restraints holding him upright with a sharp groan – feels the crack as his bones and his body move with his brain for the first time in too many days, the ache down his spine as his legs try to push him forwards, stumbling from the rack and falling against the nearest wall.

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